Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy One Year Anniversary to ME!!!!

One Year ago today, 2.27.12, I took a leap of faith and started Day 1 of a Challenge Group.  It was the Spring Slim Down Challenge Group and I was scared beyond belief.  What if I couldn't keep up , what if I failed, what if I didn't like Shakeology, what if I couldn't cook clean meals, what the heck is clean eating anyway, what if something else terrible happened and this would be a total waste of my time.  I had so many emotions going on inside of me I didn't know what the heck was going to happen.  Regardless, I decided to join the group so I figured I should probably get started...SO I DID!!

here is what I looked like at the beginning...

Besides when I was actually pregnant with either of my children, this was the heaviest I had been.  I am not proud of my frumpy self in this picture for one reason and one reason only - I was NOT taking care of myself.  I was not exercising, I was eating junk, I was not fueling my body properly and it showed.  My face was a mess my hair was lacking luster and overall I just felt BLAH!!!!  Hello, I was suppose to be a happy mother of two beautiful children and the wife to one heck of a husband.  We had just purchased a new home and it had everything we had ever hoped for.  I should have been sky high with excitement but instead I just wanted to crawl inside my dark, deep, black hole and stay there forever.  I was a new stay-at-home mom and I was not adjusting very well to my new "assignment" to say the least.  Life just was not what I was wishing and praying for at the moment.  I could have just gone about with the way things were and not  make any changes but thankfully I did not do that.  Thanks to one of my younger sorority sisters I was able to learn about this company called Beachbody (you know the one that has the infomercial for Insanity, P90x, Turbofire, etc.).  Luckily Beachbody has these wonderful people called coaches and so my COACH (friend from sorority) helped me choose a workout program that I thought would fit me!  She also helped me get set up to be a Challenger in one of her Challenge Groups.  The one I happened to join was called the Spring Slim Down Challenge!  This group forever changed my life. 

When I began my journey with the challenge group I really had no idea what to expect.  My coach told me the basic ins and outs of the group but what she didn't tell NOR could she tell me was how this group would help CHANGE ME!! Our group was made up a few women of all ages, doing different programs, had different goals, different lifestyles,  but what we all had in common was that we were working out together and drinking shakeology once a day.  We also committed to clean up our diets and start incorporating the principles of clean eating.  We held each other accountable not only to our exercise programs of choice but to eating healthy and drinking our shakeology.  We never once had to leave the comforts of our home to go to a gym or meet in a public setting.  We did all of our communicating through a closed facebook group.  In these groups only the members of the group would see what you were posting.  I felt very safe and secure here and even felt so safe that I would post pictures of myself. Anyone that knows me, knows I have never liked pictures taken of myself.  It is just recently I have been okay finally getting pictures taken.  

We all depended on one another - when one of us had a bad day we were there to help them get back on track (myself included) and when we had a great day or we took measurements and saw success we were all there cheering each other on. We became our own little family and none of us wanted to let each other down so we kept pushing ourselves to the very end.  When day 90 came of the group (the last day of the group) I have to admit I was sad to say goodbye to these women.  The great thing was, is that I really wasn't saying goodbye to them we were just starting another chapter of our journey.  

My first program of choice was Chalean Extreme I started this program on 2.27.13 and completed the 90 day program.  I then continued on with the Chalean Extreme Lean for Life Phase for two months.  My next step was when I decided to become a coach and I started my next program - Power 90.  After Power 90 I did a short hybrid of TurboFire and Brazil Butt Lift.  Most recently I started Les Mills Combat and as of today I am on Day 52 of 60 for this program.  My next program which I will start on March 11, 2013 is RevAbs - I want those rock hard beautiful abs by summer baby and I will get them!! 

Power 90 Day 90

After I completed Chalean Extreme I met my goal weight and I was beyond thrilled. After I completed Power 90 I dropped an additional 8 pounds and I was even more thrilled, although I felt my weight was too low so I started upping my weights and eating more so I could get to a weight that I felt was just right for me.  All of the following programs my goal was to maintain my weight and increase my tone.  and now I want to continue with those same goals but get those beautiful abs.  

This is what I look like today...

Day 30 Brazil Butt Lift/Les Mills Combat Day 0

The journey was one I am still taking part in and I will continue as long as I live because this is what great feels like. I became a Beachbody coach so I too can help others feel the amazing feeling I feel each and every day!! I am not going to lie not every day was sunshine I had my range of emotions from time to time but the good always and continues to outweigh the bad.  I am human, I have bad days too.  What is great though is I am now back in the driver seat of MY LIFE.  

How do I stay fit and healthy - I work out 6 days a week.  I eat clean. I drink Shakeology daily. I stay positive.  I share my experiences with others so they too can live a healthier and happier life.  I continue to take part in challenge groups by running my own and being a participant. 

So many wonderful benefits came from this journey not only am I in the best shape of my life but I also enjoy life more now.  I have two young children and let me say keeping up with them is hard at times but I am able to keep up with them more and more because of the life I lead.   I enjoy cooking now, it is no longer a chore because I know the choices I make are helping my family for the future.  I am a positive role model for my family and this I will continue to strive to do better and better. At the end of the day everything I do I do for my family. If it means taking better care of myself so they are better taken care of then so be it.  

So I am shouting it from the rooftops today that it is my One Year Anniversary - I am so proud of myself and I am so proud of the person I have become!! I want to help 80 people in 2013 feel the same way I feel - AMAZING!!!!  If you are interested in learning more about my experience and more importantly how I can help you please CONTACT ME!  I am a very down to earth type of girl.  I am a stay at home mom with my two kids so most times it is crazy in my house so anything goes around here.  We can talk through facebook (friend request me at, or chat on the phone, EMAIL - whatever works best for you!! The  most important thing I want from you is to NOT be afraid to take that first step. 

 It is the first step that you need in order to make a difference!!!! 

My next challenge group will be starting March 11th and if you are even the slightest bit interested contact me TODAY!!  Remember that was my first step taking part in a challenge group - it is because of that one particular challenge group that I am who I am today.  

Now is the time to learn how to
Live a Fit, Happy, and Healthy life
and WE will do it 


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