Sunday, October 27, 2013

A New Week and a New Plan!!

Getting my act in gear early this week and it is going to be a busy week!! It's Halloween week and all kinds of festivities are happening around here!! My little ones are super excited for Thursday to come.  My son is going to be the Legendary Iron Man and my daughter is going to be a purple butterfly!! Can't wait!! 

Halloween also means lots and lots of candy and other sugar loaded treats.  My husband's family always made caramel covered apples, so this year I am going to try making my own clean eating version of a caramel apple and I have to say I am pretty excited.  

Then next on our list is carving our Pumpkins!! We have had pumpkins for over a month now and they have been  making our house look pretty outside but now it is time to put our creativity to use and carve those babies!! It is always so  much fun doing it with little ones!! This year though I am saving the seeds and roasting them.  MMM, can't wait for freshly roasted pumpkin seeds. Maple Cinnamon Pumpkin Seeds is a healthy recipe I have been eyeing up!!  

Thursday rolls around and we visit our neighborhood friends and we visit the Pumpkin house.  It is a house in our neighborhood that carves close to 100 pumpkins and displays them throughout their yard.  Unfortunately this is also the last year they will be doing it so we are making sure to get there. The place is usually packed so thankfully we can walk to it from our house. 

Following Halloween I am guessing there will be many people who overindulged in the Halloween treats so I will be hosting a Shakeology 3-day cleanse.   I have done the cleanse a few times in the past and it never has disappointed me yet. If you want to learn more about the cleanse or even prepare in advance of Halloween please contact me so we can get a plan in place for you.  

To get me through the week I have prepared  my meal plan and I plan on sticking to it just in case I get tempted by a sugar loaded treat Thursday.  It is the last week of the month and do not want to go over our monthly grocery budget.  My plan is to clean out our fridge.  Use up what we have and so not much grocery shopping for me this week.  

I will be heading out tomorrow to get a few fresh items I need but my plan is to stay under $15! I won't have much prep for the week either which is nice.  Most of what we are eating is already prepared or I froze portions from a previous time when I made it.  

This week is also very exciting for  me because I am entering my  next phase of Les Mills Pump.  Week 6 is beginning tomorrow and I am super pumped!! I am noticing differences in my abs, and thighs (where I need it the most) and my weight has not changed. At this point in my journey I am trying to maintain my current weight. I am happy with my progress and I love Les Mills Pump.  

This past week the only new DVD that I started was Les Mills Pump and Shred. I have been following the schedule with Pump & Burn, Hard Core Abs, Flow, and cardio. I feel with the barbell I can handle more weight which my muscles are loving!! 
Well you know what that also means - time for my progress pictures and measurements!! AHH, that is always the moment of truth. I am  NOT  a big fan of getting my picture taken so this is always difficult for me but I do have to say the pictures really do tell the true story.  The numbers are great too but for me anyway those pictures tell it ALL!!  

Well there you have it my week all planned out!! Next plan is to stay on track!! Easypeasy when I have my strong support system around me. I don't know about you but I need that support to keep me in line and moving in the right direction.  I love love love being a part of challenge groups!!

Have a happy Halloween Week!! 
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Now is the time to learn how to live a 
and we will do it 

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