Thursday, October 10, 2013

Meal Planning and Les Mills Pump

It has been a long time since I gave a progress update of where I am at with my own health and fitness journey so I thought today would be a good day for that.  My kids are having their quiet time right now so instead of folding laundry which I probably should be doing, I am sitting here talking about ME!!  Most people enjoy talking about themselves but I have always found it difficult.  I also don't like my picture being taken so that is also why you don't see many pictures of me either.  So here it goes, what have I been up to.  Well for my fitness side of life I have now completed Chalean Extreme, Power 90, Brazil Butt Lift, most of Turbofire, Les Mills Combat, RevAbs, Focus T25, and now I am on my third week of Les Mills Pump.  Here and there I have mixed in a little of this and that but not full programs. Turbofire I did not complete the full 90 days through -  I started, moved onto another program and then did some more.  I do feel confident in saying that each of these programs has helped me understand the need to change up your routine every now and then so you are working different muscle groups. 

As mentioned I am currently in my third week of Les Mills Pump and I am really liking the workouts and the results.  I have been sore which to me is a good thing because it helps me know my body is changing.  I am lifting heavier weights than I have in the past and I am also using a barbell which is new to me.  I have to be honest I had no idea how to even set a barbell up.  The package did come with instructions of course but my husband was nice enough to show me how easy it was to put the bar together and how to use the clips.  All of the equipment was super easy to use and so far no problems with any of it.  

In the package I received my workout DVDs, a nutrition guide with a meal plan, fitness guide which comes with the workout calendar so you always know which workout(s) to do on which days, a barbell, 2 clips, 2 five pound weights and 2 10 pound weights.  


I am a coach so the option to purchase the Les Mills PUmp challenge pack was not an option for me but if you were to get the challenge pack you save a ton of money.  YOu get everything I mentioned above, 30 day supply of Shakeology - a nutrition shake made with all natural ingredients, 30 day club membership to, and free shipping.  

Here is the workout schedule for Month 1 (it is a 90 day program):

I have followed the schedule so far but on rest days I tend to do a light workout.  I feel better, have a better day, and want to keep my momentum going so YES I workout even on my rest days.  Again though I keep it very light!! The workouts I have done so far I have enjoyed.  My favorite is Pump & Burn.  I find this one so far to be the most challenging. The squat segment leaves me in pain the next day but again well worth it. Also the chest segment leave my arms feeling like jelly but I can already see improvements in toning and strength.  
Next favorite is FLOW because it takes me back to my days filled of yoga.  I also really need this segment because of my body being so sore. The lengthening and stretching really help my body.  I can see drastic improvements after a FLOW session. So many people I talked to said they skipped FLOW and I have to say this particular workout I feel is extremely beneficial to a program like this. 

I enjoy the other segments as well but these two in particular are my most favorite.  Every day though has been enjoyable.  The schedule does include specific amounts of times for walking and some days I take walks and other days I will fill in that time with other forms of cardio.  Like yesterday it was freezing cold outside and my husband was out of the house early so I stayed in the house with the kids and revisited my Chalean Extreme days and did Burn it off.  

The question I have been hearing most is this, "is this Beachbody workout program Les Mills Pump similar to the Body Pump classes that are offered at local gyms". The answer is yes.  It all comes down to what is best for you.  What I can tell you that I personally see as advantages for myself is getting to stay at home rather than traveling to a gym but I personally prefer at home workouts than a gym environment.  The other advantage is you are on your time not a gym schedule's time.  

I will post my 30 day results when the times comes but as mentioned I can already notice differences.  I am not looking to lose weight. As long as I maintain I will be happy with my progress.  

Next part of the equation is NUTRITION, what have I been eating.  
I am consistent that every Sunday I sit down and write out on a sheet of paper my meal plan for the week, I prep as much as I can based on what I have available at home and then either Monday or Tuesday I go to the grocery store.  I then finish my prepping and continue on with my week.  It is very rare that I go off of my meal plan but life happens as you know and I do occasionally but I always stick to the clean eating principles.  The only time I do not is when I am having my cheat meal for the week.   

Here is my meal plan for last week and this week:

If you would like to see my meal plan from the first week of Les Mills Pump, I have that in another post. Let me know and I will send it your way.  If you would like any of the recipes please be sure to email me I would be happy to share.  I do occasionally post on here the recipes or on facebook.  

Well there is my thoughts so far and I must say I am very happy with the program and how the last three weeks have been.  

Best of luck to you on your health and fitness journey.  I know it is not always easy but stick to your plan and always remember WHY you got started in the first place.  If you need additional support please reach out to me. As a coach that is what I do, I help others set and achieve their health and fitness goals.

  Now is the time to learn how to live a 
and we will do it 

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