Monday, September 30, 2013

Last Day for Shaun T Dance Party Package


I know that everyone is in full force this time of year...School is back in session, fall sports, field trips, family visits, holidays, and the list goes on and on!! So I am taking my 60 day challenge group and packing all the goodness into a 30 day challenge! Why you might ask? Because I dont want you to think of getting in shape and getting healthy as some long, daunting task. I want you to have success, I want you to get results and I want to get it to you quickly!! AND I want to get it to you at a great price!!

If you haven't heard Shaun T's Dance Party Challenge pack is on sale this month! With that you get TWO full workout programs (Hip Hop Abs & Rockin Body) and a 30 day supply of Shakeology®. A nutrient dense shake packed with all the daily nutrition you need to keep you on track and full of energy! Now I know you're asking "so what does this cost?" When you "break it down" (pun intended) you are paying $4.66 a day!! That's NOTHING!! Let's be REAL for a minute...What are you spending on Starbucks, drive through breakfast, lunch with the co-workers, happy hour, pizza dinner??? Or a combination of all of them. Give me ONE MONTH where you say NO to all that and YES to YOURSELF. YES to slimming down a little bit before the holidays, YES to a new you!! 

I am accepting 3 more people who are COMMITTED to making a SMALL investment for a HUGE return!! Like, Comment or message me today to reserve one of these spots!

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