Monday, April 8, 2013

Helllo Warm Weather...I've Been Waiting for YOU!!!!

Anyone else with me - the warm weather is finally arriving and I am so ready to be done with the cold, dreary days of these past few months.  Okay, okay it could have been a lot worse but I am a weather wuss (hello, why do you think I moved to California twice!!).  

The weather is suppose to be phenomenal this week and I sure hope it is because I cannot wait to get outside and play with my kids!! Bonus of being a stay at home mom with a home business (Hello, I'm a BeachBody Coach too!!)

So its April and now that the warmer weather is here we all start to think about the Summer months that are just around the corner.  Are you ready? Is your body ready?  Are you ready to bare your arms, legs, and stomach?  

Now you could boycott the warm weather and vow to wear pants all summer long.  You can absolutely do that, but that results in sweaty,sticky clothes and a bad attitude because you are uncomfortable and hot (trust me, I use to do this!).  And you would be making yourself feel this way all because you allowed yourself to put on a few pounds here and there, lose muscle tone replaced it with fat, and well  you get the picture.

Okay now for the GOOD NEWS...It is not too late to wear those shorts, tank tops, bikinis, swim trunks (without a shirt), etc.  You can make a commitment to yourself that it is time to get healthy and fit!! I am not talking about losing a few pounds or toning the arms just for summer, I am talking fit and healthy for life.

I am not talking about some fad diet to help you lose weight, I am talking a lifestyle change that will get you in the best shape of your life and keep you there - if and only if you follow the rules!!  I can provide you with all the information necessary to make the changes but it is UP TO YOU to go through with it!! 

Not only will you be doing something phenomenal for yourself, but you will also be a positive influence for the people around you.  When you start to make positive changes others will notice and guess what POSITIVITY is contagious!! Others will start to ask about the yummy (and healthy) food you are eating, they will make comments about your appearance, and more importantly they will want  to know your "secrets"...
Can you imagine this day?? 

It is yours if and only if you Commit to yourself to make the changes necessary!! and guess what 

Well I am glad you asked - You can join my 60 Days til Summer Challenge Group!  This group will be a 60 day health and fitness challenge where you will begin a Beachbody program (P90x, Insanity, TurboFire, Brazil butt Lift, etc.), replace one meal per day with Shakeology, and learn to Eat Clean.  I will help you pick a fitness program that will best suit your needs and your goals. 

A few other questions you might have -

What is Shakeology?  
Shakeology is a meal replacement shake that is all natural, helps you lose weight, controls your cravings, keeps you full and gives you energy to get through your workouts and other responsibilities of the day.  You are only required to drink Shakeology during the 60 day challenge, afterwards you can decide what to do.  The reason why I require Shakeology as part of my Challenge Groups is because when you are learning to change your eating habits and are adding in exercise, this is one meal a day you know you are eating the right portion sizes, the right food combinations, and that you are fueling your body with good plain nutrition.

What is Eating Clean?  

What is a Challenge Group?
It is a group of individuals that I will enroll into my closed online support group. In this group  I will help you set your health and fitness goals, I will post daily tips, motivation, and most importantly keep you accountable.  You will be required to check in each day and post your daily activities (2 minutes tops, if that!).  It's a great place to feel connected to other people who are going through the same life situations as you!!  
Don't believe me here are a few testimonials from previous challenge group participants:

What else is involved?
I will teach you how to plan out your meals, how to pair foods together to give you energy and lose weight, and give you recipes that are easy, delicious, and oh so good for you (and your family! everything I make I make for my husband and kids too!)
Every week I will share with you my  meal plan I create for myself and family for the week.  Here is an example of what I put together for this week:

Does this Challenge sound like something you would like to do?  
Well then, time is a wasting because spots are limited as I like to keep these groups on the smaller side.  I want to be able to provide you with the individual attention you need and deserve.  
After all is said and done, I will help you reach your health and fitness goals!!

NOW, Do it me NOW to reserve your spot in this 60 Days til Summer Challenge Group!  
We start April 22nd and the work begins NOW!!

Here is your green light, click the button and go....

Now is the time to learn how to
Live a Fit, Happy, and Healthy life
and WE will do it 


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