Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Ever wanted to Fire your Boss?

Do you ever dream of a job 
where you have flexibility? 

Would you love to be at home with your kids so you NEVER miss out on watching them learn? Speak their first words? Be the one they run to when they fall and get a boo boo? How great would it be to not have to take a sick day when your kids are sick? I know I would be devastated if one of my kids were sick and I have to leave them with someone else. I also enjoy being able to go to all of my son's school events and not have to worry about juggling my work schedule. My time is my time. I make my own schedule. 

You can be the one who is there with your kids and you can still have a "job" that brings in a decent income (more income even if you are willing to put forth the effort!) I am a stay at home mom and I am a Beachbody coach. I am fortunate to be able to do both from home. Coaching is the one job that your income is a direct reflection of the number of lives you help. 
The more I help others reach their goals the more I succeed! Both ends are extremely rewarding!!

If you have been dreaming of a way to make a change, want out of corporate business hours, and create a life of freedom for your family I invite you to listen to an informational webinar tonight!

Two members of my team will be sharing their stories with you on how their dreams are now realities! They will discuss what it is to be Beachbody Coach, how we help others, how to earn an income, what is involved, how to get discount, and so much more. You can make the decision for yourself if this is something that you would like to do! This could be your change you have been hoping and wishing for!! 

Message me or post below that you are interested in attending the  webinar TONIGHT and I will send you the link to listen. There are no strings attached and you are not committed to anything. This is also a listen only type of call so you will not be expected to do anything other than log onto your computer :) 

Now is the time to learn how to
Live a Fit, Happy, and Healthy life
and WE will do it 

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