Thursday, December 26, 2013

2014 New Year New You Health and Fitness Challenge

Get Ready, Here it comes 
we will soon be saying goodbye to 2013 and welcoming in 2014!!

No matter what happened to you over the last 12 months of 2013, it is time to put it behind you.  The New Year is a time for New Beginnings. In my opinion every day is a time for new beginnings but the New Year gets us all excited to do better and become better.  Whether we are looking to make a career change, buy a house, have a baby, save for a special vacation or home project, quit smoking, or my favorite LOSE WEIGHT and EAT HEALTHY most of us come up with our List of Resolutions for the New Year.  

What if I told you 2014 could be your last year you have 
LOSE WEIGHT and EAT HEALTHY on that list? 
I'm serious, this could be the last year you have to write those dreaded words.  

It is totally possible but YOU have to be COMMITTED to making the change!

Here's how...

It's Exciting, It's New, It's Open, and It's for YOU!!
Make 2014 your best year yet!!

Welcome in 2014 knowing this is your year to get healthy and fit.  

My New Year New You Health and Fitness challenge 
is now open for enrollment!!

What is this you ask?
                                  This challenge will be a way of making a change that you will stick with long after the first week of January is over! Most people who make resolutions rarely stick with them, especially when it comes to Health and Fitness.  

Don't let this be YOU!!
People start out January 1st strong and determined. They go to the gym, make healthier choices and wow they feel they can totally do this. Week 1 and 2 go by like this and then Week 3 and 4 rolls around and the gym becomes empty and you slide back into your old ways. February 1st rolls around and many people give up and feel they are just destined to be the way that they are forever. Excuses set in like you are too busy or something else gets in the way. 

Often you will see Fitness equipment for sale on the internet by either the end of January or beginning of February.  People want to make the changes but unfortunately most do not because they lack one very important piece of the equation - SUPPORT!! 

Many feel they can do it all themselves but the reality is when you have someone by your side supporting you, motivating you, inspiring you, holding you accountable you are much more successful. Don't believe me? Don't worry I didn't believe it at first either.  I was a skeptic but here I am living proof almost 2 years later that these challenges are the way to go. I lost 17 pounds and 20+ inches and I have kept it off. How? by being a part of these challenges!  No joke, this is what I do and I love it. No more yo-yo dieting, no more starving. 
Living a lifestyle that is totally doable and very rewarding!!


Ready to make the commitment to yourself 
that you are worth it?

As your Beachbody coach (a.k.a Health and Fitness coach) I will help you set realistic and measurable goals and we will work together to achieve them one day at a time. As a member of the group I will mentor you through a Beachbody fitness program and help you transform your life into one that is healthier, more energetic  and confident. You will be surrounded by other people who want to do the same and never feel like you are alone in your struggles.  You will have the ability to workout on your own in your home. No gym, no membership fees, no drive time, no working your schedule around the gym's schedule - it is all about YOU!! You get to decide when and where and I will hold you accountable to getting it done so YOU can achieve amazing results.  

We will not only exercise but we will learn how to eat to fuel our bodies properly.  Did you know 80% of weight loss and maintaining your weight comes from your nutrition? You can workout like its your job but if you are not eating and drinking properly then all of that hard work may well be not worth it. I am NOT talking about dieting, I am talking about changes that will last a lifetime.  So my job is going to be to teach you how to not diet, but how to create a healthy lifestyle with whole nutritious foods.  

If you have questions about the New Year New You Health and Fitness Challenge then I encourage you to contact me.  It's okay if you ask all the questions and decide it's not your thing! At least you will know that you explored your options!! 

So before you go joining a gym for the new year and pay out the wazoo for something you may or may  not use for 2 weeks I ask you to give this New Year New You Challenge a chance.  This might just be what changes your life FOREVER!! I know it did for me and I feel confident it can do the same for you!!

My New Year New You Health and Fitness Challenge 
is Now open for Enrollment!
Contact me to grab your spot!  
and then get ready for an adventure like never before because this time you are saying goodbye to those stubborn pounds and bad eating habits!!

Now is the time to learn how to live a 
and we will do it 

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