Sunday, November 17, 2013

Meal Planning Tips for Success and How to Start

It's Sunday and you know what that means it time to get planning for the week ahead.  Sundays are my day of the week I designate as my meal planning day because I have found that works well for me and for others.  Most people are heading back to their workplace on Mondays and so planning out the week on Sundays fits that schedule best usually. It really does not matter what day of the week you meal plan, it is whatever day is best for you.  The most important part is that you ACTUALLY DO MEAL PLAN.  

Why do I meal Plan and why do I recommend it to others? 

Stay on the Healthy Train 
I meal plan because I have found when I have a plan in place I am more likely to stick to it. I enjoy eating healthy and I love the way I feel when I do eat healthy.  When I meal plan I stick to the healthy foods which I have chosen for the week.

No Mid-Week Thinking Involved
The beginning of the week we have the extra energy from hopefully a restful weekend or at least enjoying the company of others (rather than working!).  When the middle of the week rolls around our energy supply starts to decrease and the hustle and bustle of the week is starting to take over. Wednesday is usually my hardest day of the week and what I also love about having a meal plan is that I don't have to think about what we are going to eat.  

Save Money
Meal planning saves you money because you only buy what you need.  You make your meal plan, you make your grocery list, and  you buy only what is on your list.  You only buy the fruit and veggies that are needed for that week.  How  many times have you purchased perishable food with great intentions but then do nothing with it besides throwing it away?  I know I was always doing that I saw the money going in the trash.

Enjoy Variety (if you choose) 
Not everyone likes to eat the same meal throughout the week.  Meal planning also can take care of that problem as well.  By planning your meals in advance you  are only making enough for your intended purposes.  If your recipe makes more than you need, then you can freeze the remaining portions and have it another day or when you are in a hurry and don't have time to prepare a healthy meal. 
I honestly don't mind eating the same thing day after day during the week.  I have found that meal planning also gets me in the habit of looking for new recipes too. As I see recipes I like I either print them out, save in a file, or tear out from my magazines.   

Like I said every Sunday I do a meal plan, it is usually Sunday nights. Monday and/or Tuesday are usually my grocery shopping days (if I need to), and then I prep as much as I can for the rest of the week on Tuesday.  Prepping includes cutting up veggies for quick and easy grab and go.  Baking chicken if needed as a topping on a salad or recipe.  I do try and make most of our dinners fresh that day but on occasion I will prepare the night before.  The crock pot is a wonderful invention that we love in this house!! 

There you have it why I meal plan!! 
Here is my meal plan for the week.  I always plan for 5-6 smaller meals per day. I pair a complex carb and protein at each meal (with the exception of my evening snack most nights because it is green tea only).  I stay away from most processed foods, definitely over processed is a big no no in our house. I don't buy it so we don't eat it!  I drink at a minimum half my body weight in ounces of water.  I follow proper portion sizes and here is my guide I use: 

and then I am left with my meal plan for the week...

Meal planning for me in the beginning was something I fought.  WHY?  I was lazy and didn't want to take the time to do it.  What is so funny though is that is takes very little time to do and the rewards are huge!! 

What are the next steps for YOU if you are interested in learning how to meal plan?  Either follow my meal plan each week or learn how to do your very own meal plan for you or for you and your family!! It can literally take less than 5 minutes per week.  All you have to do is be willing to give it a try.  

CONTACT ME and we can set up a time to discuss how 
meal planning can benefit you too!! 

Are you interested in healthier eating options or want to do an overhaul on your diet.  Let me know!  Together we can determine what is the best action plan for you.  See I am a Beachbody Coach and I help people reach their health and fitness goals - WHY? because I needed help at one point too and now it is my turn to return the favor!! Whether you want to learn how to eat healthy and/or want to incorporate exercise into your day - 
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