Monday, February 17, 2014

30 Day Shakeology and Healthy Eating Group

Lately people have been asking my advice on how I did it - How did I lose the weight I wanted? and  how have I kept it off?  Well you all know I love working out but that is only part of the equation, the other part comes from what I eat and drink.  and YES I LOVE FOOD and I LOVE TO EAT!! 

Nutrition is 80% of the equation so I strongly feel cleaning up my diet is what has helped me the most at keeping off the weight!  When I have been lax about what I eat and drink I notice a difference in how my body looks and feels. 

You also know I love helping others get healthy and fit and I believe in the power of support and accountability because that too was instrumental for me getting on track with my own health and fitness. For this reason I have decided to put together a group to help those who are interested in learning how to eat healthier and how it can help you reach your weight loss goals. 

Let me introduce you to my
 30 Day Shakeology and Healthy Eating Group

For the 30 days in the group, I am going to teach you the basics of clean eating, what to eat, when to eat, and how much to eat. We will incorporate Shakeology as 1 meal each day (whatever meal you choose). Exercise is optional, but is encouraged.  The only requirements are that I am your official Beachbody Coach and that you commit to completing the 30 days with Shakeology.

The group will be setup as a closed facebook group because your privacy is important to me and I want you to have a safe environment to talk freely without the rest of the world knowing!!
My goal for the group is for it to be a supportive and motivating environment where you can share your struggles with food, managing your time, losing weight, and any other struggles you may have. No matter what, I want you to know and feel that
YOU are not alone in your journey! We all have our own reasons for wanting to do what we do and I will be there supporting you every step of the way!! 

Who should do this challenge group?

Anyone who is interested in trying Shakeology but is afraid they won't like it or doesn't want to invest the money because of the cost. It is also a great opportunity for someone who has a busy lifestyle but wants to learn to eat healthy and have energy naturally to get through the day. This group would benefit someone who has a significant amount of weight to lose or someone who only has a few pounds to lose. This group is about living a healthy lifestyle and changing your outlook on life.

This group is also for those that have no idea with were to start in regards to proper nutrition and feeding their bodies to fuel their metabolism.

What will we will discuss: 
Meal Planning 
Meal Preparation 
Healthy Recipes 
Snack Ideas 
Benefits of Shakeology
Dealing with temptation 
Traveling and eating healthy 
Working full time and eating healthy 
and more...

What do I need to do to join this group?

All you need to do to join the 30 day Shakeology and Healthy Eating Group is to invest in YOUR HEALTH and you start that by investing in  Shakeology for 30 days. Yes, that means if you don't already have it, you must get it! I can tell you how! You only have to commit for 30 days and if at the end of the month you saw zero results or did not like it, then I will personally help you return your Shakeology for a full refund! 30 Day Money BACK GUARANTEE! By you investing in your health and replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology I will help you transform the other meals of your day to give you the maximum benefits to get you losing weight, increasing your energy, controlling your cravings and feeling alive and energized. Shakeology is not just another protein shake. It is a SHAKE in a class all of it's own - it's a NUTRITION SHAKE!! No other shake on the market is like it!! 
Shakeology has over 70+ natural ingredients with the right combination of carbs to protein to keep you full, satisfied and energized. It also comes in multiple flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, Vanilla and Greenberry, plus Vegan Chocolate and Vegan Tropical Strawberry!!

Sound like something you want to do?

If you want in this is your opportunity!! Don't let another day go by without thinking of YOU and why your HEALTH should matter and be a top priority!! This is your time to finally make a lifestyle change that your ENTIRE family can stick to! No more cooking separate meals for your family, no more figuring it out on your own. We are in this together and as your coach I will not leave you behind! I will be keeping my participant list in this group small so that YOU can have my individual attention. 

Reserve your spot today in my 30 Day Shakeology and Healthy Eating grou and I will be happy to get your started!! From there we will begin 30 fabulous days together!! The group beings February 24th so don't delay!! 
You can contact me at or create a free account to receive additional information.

There is no better time than NOW to start investing in YOURSELF,  
time to invest in your HEALTH!!

Now is the time to learn how to live a 
and we will do it 


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