Friday, November 9, 2012

Brazil Butt Lift Challenge Starting November 19th

Why spend a BORING hour on the stepper at the gym? 

Join my Brazil Butt Lift Challenge 
starting Nov. 19th 
and your A$$ will literally get kicked! The program hits every little muscle fiber in your butt through a variety of different moves. If you're saggy or flabby, this will whip your boo-tay into shape in short order.  No Joke!!

This is not your same old, same old gym routine! You will sweat, you will hurt,  and your body and booty will become more fit and healthy because of it!! 
If you have ever dreamed of having a toned, taut, and perfectly rounded butt, now you can finally make those fantasies into reality.  The Brazil Butt Lift helps you achieve that to-die-for Booty that lingerie and bikini models have!  

Leandro Carvalho, The Butt Master, shares his secret formula for sculpting the perfect butt!  As a personal fitness trainer, Leandro kept the secrets of the Brazil Butt Lift exclusive to elite supermodels such as the Victoria Secret Models.  Now he is sharing his proven method with you so you can chisel the perfect butt in the privacy and comfort of your own home.  He says, "Don't settle for less!" which actually makes sense - if you don't give it your all, the only one who gets screwed is you!  

So Let's talk about your BUTT, BOOTY, or whatever else you like to call your BEHIND...

All bootys are NOT the same!  So fitness programs should not all be the same for everybooty!  Whether you are a pancake, sponge bob or wide load - Brazil Butt Lift offers a workout schedule to fit your shape and your goal.

How does Brazil Butt Lift do that?  
Well Leandro Carvalho breaks it all down and identifies the 4 common types of butts.  You identify which type of butt you have or want and then there is a customized workout for that specific type of butt!  Talk about personal training!  

What are these 4 common types of butts?  

1.  Too Flat or Square
Shape - The flat fanny lacks shape and volume.  This butt needs some POW!  If you are this type your straight shape extends from the waist to the thighs with no curves.  
Solution - you will follow the "Life & Shape" schedule.  This schedule will help you shape and tone all of the butt muscles for a "volumizing" result! Follow this plan to get rounder and firmer! 

2.  Pear Shape
Shape - You are CURVY!!!! which is a good thin but a little too big below the hips and little bit out of proportion.  Larger hips and stubborn saddlebags that stick out to the side give you a wide-angle silhouette.
Solution - You will follow the "Slim & Shape" schedule.  This is going to deliver the optimal combo of cardio and toning work.  Leandro's signature Brazilian dance moves will slim those buldges while toning moves will shape the muscles underneath so your butt rounds out BEHIND you, not to the sides. 

3.  Too BIG
Shape - While your booty is round & full, it's too heavy and bust you in the wrong places.  Usually flabby and dimply, it's a little too much of a good thing. 
Solution - You already have the volume - you just want to slim down and tame the beast.  Follow the "Slim & Lift" schedule. Get a little better shape! This schedule will burn fat and lean out the buldges.  You'll shape your booty in all of the right places.

4.  Combination
Shape - Can't figure out what shape you have? Or maybe you are a little of ALL of the above?  All you need is to remove part of the fat and get some shapely toned muscles to add oomph to your backside.
Solution  - You will follow the "Classic" schedule for the ultimate booty-beautifying results.  You will work everything in balance to create a bootylicious butt!

So what is this workout all about?  

Your rear is one of the most complex parts of your body and it takes a variety of highly specific exercises to shape, reduce, and lift your glutes from every angle.  The Brazil Butt Lift targets precise areas to deliver extraordinary results.  If you are not following the Brazil Butt Lift program, you are not working your butt from all the right angles - you could even end up making your butt look bulkier!

You don't have to be fitness guru or undergo surgery to transform your booty from saggy to superb.  Even beginners can have a shockingly firm, Brazilian Butt on the same level as runway models and magazine cover girls!! The kind of butt that leaves people speechless as they watch you walk away.

Say Goodbye to Cellulite and Dimples Forever!  The rock hard tush you have always dreamed of is now within your grasp.  You will never have to feel 
self-conscious again with those perky cheeks on your backside.  Rock your dynamite rump in skinny jeans, lingerie, bikinis, or in the buff.  Be confident showing off your best feature.  Just imagine yourself on the beach, bursting with assuredness, with a head-turning, explosive body to die for...Ka-Pow!!!!!

Results after 6 weeks of the Brazil Butt Lift Classic schedule , eating clean, and replacing on e  meal a day with Shakeology!

If you want to get the absolute best results possible, I recommend a few things...
  • Brazil Butt Lift program
  • Shakeology (replace one meal a day with it)
  • a support system
  • accountability
  • A Healthy, filling and nutritious diet (Shakeology plus the meal plan from Brazil Butt Lift)
The EASIEST way to get all of those is to get the Beachbody's Brazil Butt Lift Challenge Pack.  If you purchase it HERE, you will be assigned to  my team and I will help you every step of the way. This includes the workout program, Shakeology, a customized meal planner, and ME as your coach!!

Remember my Brazil Butt Lift Challenge group is starting November 19th!  Workout with me (I will be doing BBL too!) and take part in our closed facebook group where You, Me, and other members will hold each other accountable to completing our workouts, eating healthier, and drinking our shakeology.  Together we will get the BEST possible results so we can show off our skinny jeans and have confidence showing off our BOOTY!! 

To join, get your Challenge Pack and EMAIL ME!!!!
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