Tuesday, November 26, 2013

How to Stay on Track this Thanksgiving Holiday

Thanksgiving Week is in Full Effect - What is your Game Plan?

This time of year is notoriously THE time of year when people who have been following a healthy lifestyle tend to slack off.  WHY? because life gets busy, there is a ton of food put in front of us, and we don't prepare!! or at least that is how it was for me in years past.  This year will be different and this year I WILL STAY ON TRACK.  If I do I will tell you, If I don't I will tell you too.

Would you like to join me?

I told myself over and over again how much better I feel when I stay on track with my nutrition and exercise.  So why should the holidays mess that up for me.  The holidays are suppose to be a joyous time of year but If I am not feeling great about myself well then it would be less joyous for me.  I don't want that and I know many of you don't too!!

Thanksgiving is a time of giving thanks. 

What are you thankful for this year? 

Why not include being thankful for 
your healthy lifestyle? 

Time for us to stay on track and 
we can do it together!!

So how can we do that when we are celebrating a day that is more known for the giant feast most of us take part in?  A day to stuff our faces full of turkey, sweet potatoes, stuffing, pie, and so much more.  Then after the big meal is over and we are all in our food comas, we sit around and first we unbuckle out belts, watch football, or take a nap (the last being my favorite even though I am not traditionally a napper!)

What can you do to stay on track...HAVE A PLAN!!

Game Plan Preparation...
1. I plan for the week.  I am more likely to stay on track if I know what is on the agenda.  I sit down with my calendar and figure out where I need to be each day and what tasks I need to be doing.  If you have been following me then you know each week I create a meal plan for myself and family.  This week I plan on doing the same.  More activities will be going on this week though so I have to make sure I have back-up plans as well.  You are more likely to stay on track if you stay consistent with what you have been doing.  many will be off work and school this week but that is no reason to throw your hands up in the air and let life to chance.

Here is my Meal Plan for the week:

I also continue with my normal exercise routine.  Just because it is a holiday week, there is no reason why I should neglect my fitness.   

2. Focus on Thanksgiving Day
Find out ahead of time what food will be served on Thanksgiving.  It is OKAY to ask this question, there is no harm in finding out w
hat is on the menu.  It is also an opportunity for you to offer to bring a dish or two that YOU KNOW is a healthy option.

When planning your meals for actual Thanksgiving day focus on sticking to 5-6 smaller meals that pair a complex carb and lean protein AND stick to proper portion sizes.  If you stay on track throughout Thanksgiving day you are more likely to NOT overindulge when the big feast is served.    

3. Remember the go to PARTY tip - NEVER GO HUNGRY!! 
I don't know about your family but even though dinner is suppose to be served at 5pm, it usually is not.  That is no ones fault, things happen in the kitchen.  What you can do is make sure you are enter in the house, restaurant, wherever your dinner is to be served NOT HUNGRY.  Before you leave your own home plan on scheduling your snack.  My go to snack on Thanksgiving day is my Shakeology - not only does it keep me full but it is not a ton of calories and it totally helps me curb my sweet tooth (hello on Thanksgiving this is very much needed!!)

4. Dinnertime
Keep your portions in check.  Just because you were passed a certain dish does NOT mean you have to have it nor does it mean you have to take the heaping spoon full someone is offering you.  If by chance though someone else is filling your plate (although I would suggest not to let this happen).

5. Hours following Dinnertime.
Ever heard of the Thanksgiving day “hangover”?
Symptoms can include being hungry all the time, continuously overeating and unhealthy persistent cravings. CAUTION...This can continue through Christmas and you can find yourself seriously de-railed if you LET it happen!! 
Your goal, not to let it happen!! Follow the steps above so you can stay on track and then follow these tips after dinner...
- Get involved with a family activity like playing games, telling stories, cleaning up from the big feast, etc. 
-Just because there is food left over or still sitting out DOES NOT mean you have to eat it.
-Dessert can still be had but remember keep your portion size in check.  I don't know about you but SUGAR is very addictive for me so I have less than a normal size portion for dessert and I make sure I drink a TON of WATER!! Water flushes out the system and I feel it helps keep me on track when I do indulge with SUGAR!! 
-If you are watching football like most Americans do NOT mindlessly eat.  More often than not I hear of people sitting watching TV and they mindlessly eat whatever is available to them. Have yourself a cup of green tea, snack on the raw veggies, or bring your own healthy snacks.  I never leave home without healthy snacks - you just never know when you might need them.
- The easiest thing you can do, either take a nap if dinnertime was earlier in the day OR Go to bed if it is nighttime.  

Above all remember you do not have to feel guilty for your healthy decisions.  You choose the way you want to live not how others want you to live or think you should live.  and another thing is remember it is ALWAYS about Progress not Perfection.  So if you do slip up don't let it get you down.  Dust yourself off and get back on track as soon as possible.  YOU CAN DO IT!!

Now is the time to learn how to live a 
and we will do it 


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