Monday, January 6, 2014

P90x3 Schedule and Meal Plan WEEK 1

Entering my first official week of P90x3!! 
Today was Accelerator and oh my now I know why Tony gave it that name.  

Yes that's me with my first attempt at Donkey Kicks!!
I had no idea what to expect but had fun trying!!

I also dabbled in a few of the P90x3 workouts since it arrived at my house (I had it sitting here staring me in the face saying - TRY ME!!) I tried Agility X, Total Synergistic, Triometrics, x3 Yoga and loved them all. They are challenging, fast paced so you never get bored, and hello 30 minutes is AWESOME!! There were a few moves I stumbled over and a few moves I needed the modifier but all in all I am excited for this 90 day journey.  
Loved this move

ha my face says it all!!

Along with a killer workout program that was designed by Tony Horton the program also provides you with guidelines on how to eat properly.  Nutrition is 80% of your results so you better be eating right or all your hard work may be wasted.  

As you all know I follow the clean eating principles and I plan on sticking to that. BUT I also did incorporate the nutrition guidelines from the P90x3 Nutrition Manual. 

Here's how x3 gets you set up so you know what you should be eating & when.

First Take the QUIZ

Then Based on your TOTAL from the quiz you are put into 1 of 5 different plans.  I feel into Plan B.

The nutrition guides also provides an extensive list of foods that are considered Carbohydrates, Proteins, and FATs. I used this list to help me build my meal plan for the week.  

Here it is!!

What also makes doing this program even more fun is that I have my very own P90x3 Test group doing it with  me. The group follows my same health and fitness group set up but this time it has some P90x3 flare!!

my day 1 sweaty pic I posted in
our closed facebook group
Today we all posted our Day 1 Workout Sweaty pics!! The groups are a great way especially when starting a new program to have a place to check into daily, ask questions, find support, and best of all make some amazing friends. I know we will all be helping one another on the good and bad days.  Life happens but when you are a part of a health and fitness group of mine it makes it that much easier to overcome the obstacles that are thrown our way.  

Here's to a New Beginning - Bring it on P90x3!!

Now is the time to learn how to
Live a Fit, Happy, and Healthy life
and WE will do it 

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