Tuesday, November 19, 2013

21 Day Health and Fitness Challenge

Ready to end 2013 with a bang?  
I know I am and I am ready to help others do it too!! 

Do you look forward to the holiday food this time of year 
but dread what it will do to your waistline? 

Does your TO DO list for the next few weeks look like Santa's List 
and yet you have no idea where you will find the energy to get it all done? 

Have you been wanting to rock that hot holiday dress 
but are worried your muffin top will pop out? 

Get ready because come December 1st my last health and fitness challenge group of the  year will start and this time we are going hard and strong for only 21 days!! Yes, 21 days! Not my usual thing I  know!  I figured 21 days is just enough time to give you a taste of what you are capable of and see results.  At the same time though it is short enough that you do not have to make a huge commitment during the end of year holidays.  We will go from December 1-21st.  We will be done in time for you to rest and relax with your family at Christmas and through the New Year.  What you will be leaving the group with though is some tools to help you make better decisions going forward.  I do not expect you to do a complete 180 in these 21 days we are together.  My goal however is to help you learn how to incorporate exercise into your daily routine - 10 minutes at the least and learn how to choose foods that will better fuel your body.  This  year we want to keep those dreaded holiday pounds OFF and maybe even lose some more along the way. 

We will NOT be dieting, we will be discussing healthy eating and how to do it. A Crash course if you will of healthy eating with a special focus on Holiday Temptations!! You  know those cookies, cakes, large dinners, party after party, appetizer after appetizer, and OH don't forget the DRINKS!!  

Change the way you think about food and you will begin to change your life and your body!! How awesome would it be to start 2014 without saying I am going to START EATING HEALTHY AND EXERCISING?  The awesome part of it all is that normal  habits take about 21 days to form...now do you see why I chose a 21 day challenge? 

Okay GREAT, how do I get started?
You will need to CONTACT ME to hold your spot in the group.  I am doing this with other coaches and we expect the group to fill up fast so if you are even the slightest bit interested lets talk PRONTO!! 

What we will do first is create a FREE Membership for you which will also make me your official coach - YAY!!  After that we will discuss your options for exercise, your current eating habits, and your goals.  

Going forward what would be expected of you for this challenge is to BE PRESENT in our closed Facebook group. Check in at the very least once a day and let us know how you are doing OR check in with ME!! I know not everyone is comfortable telling others how they are feeling but you know you can  TRUST ME!! I am here for you no matter what and long after this 21 day challenge ends.  I am your COACH, I am your support system, I am your resource.  Take advantage of this opportunity!! 
What do you have to lose?  

The other requirements for the challenge  are to be working out to a Beachbody exercise program whehter it be 10 minute Trainer, Focus T25, P90x, Insanity, Turbofire, etc. Your Choice which program you do.  If you aren't sure, I can help you decide too!!

Next is you need commit to replacing one meal day with the nutrition shake called Shakeology. I include Shakeology as a requirement for a few reasons. The first and the biggest is that it is 1 meal of the day that you KNOW you are getting the VERY BEST nutrition that you can possibly find. When you are learning to eat better and make good choices it can be completely overwhelming. Shakeology allows you to have one less meal you have to think about!! Then, at the end of the group you can decide to continue or discontinue drinking your Shakeology. But I'm pretty sure you will love it! In fact, I guarantee it! If you aren't 100% satisfied I will personally help you return it even if the bag is empty for a full refund!

Another reason I include Shakeology is because during the holidays, sugar and sweets are everywhere. It is a known fact that the more sugar you eat the more you body craves it! Shakeology helps to reduce your cravings to sugar! I speak from experience, I once was a sugar addict!! Instead of reaching for cookies, cakes, donuts, or whatever your sweet temptation might be, I NOW grab my shakeology!! I can mix it with a variety of things such as almond milk, water, fruit, peanut butter, and so much more to create a healthy, low calorie yet totally satisfying treat without the guilt!! That feeling of guilt that overcomes you after you have indulged in something naughty is gone!!! I feel confident, healthy and I look lean! WHY? because I choose healthier options and Shakeology is one of my main tools in doing so!!

What will this group give you?

This group will give you the support and accountability to keep you on track during the busiest time of the year. It is only 21 days People...this is totally doable for the busiest person out there!! You will have all of the tools pretty much delivered right to you - I will be giving you meal plans, recipes, teach you what healthy snacks are. You will NOT be counting calories. You will be choosing foods based on their nutritional value. You will be eating 5-6 times a day! No starvation! So when you eat the cookies or the extra helping of ham, you don't have to feel guilty!

Remember you do not have to do this alone, not this time, not ever again. This is why my Health and Fitness groups are so successful. You have my support and my experience plus this time you have the added benefit of other successful coaches who are joining us along this journey as well. We are teaming up to provide you with the best experience possible for these 21 days and it is our mission to have 21 people joining us in this group.

There is power in numbers and this holiday season you are not alone and success is within reach!!

another bonus of this group is the November give and receive promotion offered by TeamBeachbody!! 
So here it is - Your Opportunity awaits you...don't let this year be like every other year where the holiday food and holiday hustle and bustle wins. YOU deserve to take time for yourself and treat your body and mind well. Give yourself a very special gift this year - the gift of HEALTH!! Contact me to take part in this 21 day health and fitness challenge. 

You get to choose your Dear Santa letter, 
this year make it about YOU!!

Now is the time to learn how to live a 
and we will do it 


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