Monday, December 30, 2013

Colleen G. Transformation

Ever start a workout program and on the first day you think to yourself "oh my what have I gotten myself into".  The workouts may be challenging, you may be out of breath, but what makes you keep going is the desire to be a better, healthier YOU!! You can do it, you can always do it, it is just a matter of the want and desire to DO just that - DO IT!!

I love Mom transformations!! so often I hear busy mom's tell me they don't have time, resources, etc. and this is another example of a mom who found a way to get it done. Always an inspiration to me!!

Coleen G. Colleen started with Insanity, added Shakeology to her routine, and is now getting it done with Focus T25!

Here is Colleen G.'s story... 
"When I went to deliver my baby, I weighed a whopping 209 pounds. I tried to imagine that my daughter would be born at least weighing 30 pounds. But I was wrong. I had gained 66 pounds. I wasn’t happy. Especially when everybody around me seemed like they didn’t gain a pound during pregnancy. I was so envious.

Breastfeeding took off some of the weight. But not enough. I was tired of wearing big, baggy tunics every day. I never felt cute or pretty. Even worse, I just didn’t have the energy to care for my baby. I was a mess. I needed help. It was time for Shaun T and his incredible INSANITY program. I was determined to be a mom who could get down on the floor and play with her children, not one who could barely move.

During the first day of INSANITY, I wanted to cry. I could barely make it through the workout. I even told my husband I was quitting. But my desire to lose weight was stronger than my desire to quit. So the next day, I put the DVD in. Then I did it again, the following day, and the day after that, and the day after that until the days began to add up. I got stronger and stronger and was able to do more and more. The weight just melted off.

By day 30, people said they didn’t recognize me. One of my neighbors said, ‘you’re like, literally half the person you were!” I was more committed than ever. I was losing pounds, dress sizes, and inches—and gaining energy, confidence, and a joyful heart.

I lost all my pregnancy weight—and I’m still going. I am stronger than I ever have been in my life, thanks to INSANITY, T-25 and Shakeology. I feel so empowered by my results from the Beachbody programs I’ve been doing that I have become a Beachbody Coach. I absolutely love helping others. My goal is to set up a Baby Registry so Moms can register for Beachbody products—and get the kind of results that I got. That’s just so important. Being overweight and out of shape after a pregnancy can lead to, or worsen, post-partum depression.

I never thought I could do something like this. But I did. And it has empowered me to want to live a healthier life—to keep going in my weight loss and strength training and Shakeology!

I’ll never go back."

How would you like to be your very own transformation? All you need is the courage inside of you to get started and then after that we will do it together. 

Now is the time to learn how to live a 
and we will do it 

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