Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sunday Evening is upon us...

Where did the weekend go? Time is just flying by and I am shocked it is already Sunday evening.  I am sitting here with my green tea and the windows open.  The nice cool air finally is here (not sure if it is here to stay)!

Our weekend for the most part was uneventful. The kids have been sick all week so we have been laying low. I pray this week is better for them. I feel so awful when I have sick kids.  Although, I do get a lot of snuggle time with them!

Once the kids were snug in their beds, I was able to start working on my meal plan for the week. For the most part I stick to my plan and the only time I do not is when unforseen situations arise.  Regardless I am never left without a meal even if I am on the run.  In my car I always make sure I have at least two packets of shakeology, a bottle of water, and my shaker cup.  This girl does not do well if I miss a meal. 

So here it is:

Clean eating is my way of life! I try to stick to this lifestyle as best as I can.  Sometimes temptations get the better of me. When they do I pick up where I left off and continue along with my day.  I feel so much healthier, happier, and I have never had this much energy!

Here's to the beginning of another week!

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GoodBye Chalean Extreme, Hello Power 90...

GoodBye Chalean Extreme, Hello Power 90...

Today, I started a new exercise program, Tony Horton's Power 90!

I wanted to change things up a bit and try a program by another person in the BeachBody family.  I have heard about incredible results from other Tony Horton workouts and so I decided it was time to move on from Chalene Johnson. 

Most people I know have used P90X to get introduced to Tony however after reviewing P90X and the other programs in Tony's library I decided upon Power 90 based on the time commitment.  I love the idea of 30-40 minute workouts.  Occasionally I have more time but most days this is what I can fit in an be sure to get it DONE! 

I never EVER thought I would be so dedicated to a fitness program or fitness family in my life.  Well...I am! BeachBody has helped me find me again and I will forever be grateful!  The BeachBody family cares about taking care of the inside and what happens on the outside is a bonus...a big bonus.

Anyone who knows me well, knows I have never really been a fitness fanatic.  Occasionally I would try a tape or two but never stuck to anything.  To this day I have not stepped foot in a gym.  Luckily I was blessed with a small frame and a high metabolism.  I could eat what I wanted when I wanted.  My weight was always low however I developed very unhealthy habits.  Some people might say this is not a problem at all especially with our society so fixated on our looks and everyone wanting to be thin.  I would however have to disagree.  I did not realize I had unhealthy habits and unfortunately this led to other problems later in life.  I often had dizzy spells, constant hunger, low energy, when I was pregnant I had issues with my glucose levels and this along with my family history has put me at higher risk of developing diabetes later in life.

Once I started learning about cleaner eating habits my life drastically changed! All of my issues before were now gone.  I still have to be tested every now and then for my sugar levels but so far so good.  The levels have been spot on!  I am also spot on with my blood pressure and cholesterol levels too! 

I thank the Chalean Extreme program for helping me reach my first set of goals and now I say hello to Power 90 and a new set of goals. 

My starting measurements
Day 1
Sunday, August 19, 2012   

Chest 28.5in
Right Arm 9in
Left Arm 8.5in
Waist 26in
Hips 30in
Right Thigh 16.5in
Left Thigh 17in
Weight 98lbs
Body Fat 4.5%

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