Monday, October 21, 2013

How Healthy is your SHAKE?

WHY OH WHY am I always talking about Shakeology? 

Why do I include Shakeology as a requirement in my 
healthy eating group and fitness groups? 

Why have I chosen SHAKEOLOGY over all the other SHAKES that are out there in the marketplace?  

Very simple - I want to live better and feel better and so 
I choose to DRINK Shakeology!! 

Want to know WHY - WATCH THIS VIDEO!!

HOLY MOLY it will make you question WHY you aren't already drinking Shakeology once a day!


Okay so lets say you would want to TRY and recreate a shake 
LIKE Shakeology at home.  
Well first of all unless you are going to travel the world for all the natural ingredients contained in Shakeology you will already be starting behind the game.  Say POOF you had access to purchase all the ingredients in shakeology...get would have to pay ~$783.20!! 

Say WHAT?!?!

A commonly heard excuse as to WHY people drink others shakes is because 

Shakeology is too EXPENSIVE!! 

Let me tell you I am a person who is always looking for a bargain.  I do a cost analysis on just about everything to find out if it is worth it.  We are a single income family because WE choose to have one parent stay home and raise our children.  Money is tight here too but that is not going to stop me from fueling my body with THE BEST.  I was hesitant at first when I was researching Shakeology and you Betcha that price tag stuck out at me.  I tried to find different ways to buy or even thought that I would not need Shakeology.  I gave it a try and I have never thought about the price again.  My health is totally worth $4 a day  and in the grand scheme of things I actually save money by drinking Shakeology.  Now you may be thinking how is that possible?  Well I replace a meal a day with Shakeology (sometimes two but at least ONE per day consistently!) Instead of buying groceries for those meals I am drinking Shakeology.  I challenge you to sit down and accurately write down what you eat for a few days and total up the cost. Unless you are eating ramen noodles for every meal you can almost always afford $4 a day.  Most people spend that much or more for their Starbucks Coffee daily.  I am not saying that is wrong just using it as an example!! 

Do you need Shakeology to lose weight? Nah, that is just one of the many benefits. Instead what you should be thinking of is why you wouldn't drink Shakeology. 

What's your EXCUSE? 

SHakeology is the Healthiest Meal of the Day and our #1 asset is our bodies. 
How will you choose to fuel your body? With the best or mediocre fuel? 

If you are currently drinking a SHAKE, let's compare how your shake compares to SHAKEOLOGY.  All we have to do is look at the ingredient label and I have a feeling Shakeology will come out on top!

I can honestly say I cannot imagine NOT drinking Shakeology daily.  I can't put a price tag on the way it makes me feel, The time it saves ME, The weight I have lost and continue to keep off, The amazing energy I have, and NO more cravings!!  It is also a product I will share with my children because their health is important to me too!! 

Ready to join me on the quest to a healthier lifestyle? 

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Now is the time to learn how to live a 
and we will do it 

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