Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Les Mills Combat Transfomation - Joe E.

Love to see people change their life for the better 
here is another example of someone who did just that!!

 I also feel this man's story is one that can and will 
inspire others to also become a healthier individual. 

How many of you have started an exercise program and on your first day you felt defeated because either you couldn't keep up or you didn't finish?  

I know I have! 
What matters the most though 
is that you don't let those emotions get the best you and you
do it again the next day!!  

Please take a moment to read Joe's Story and see how he too overcame his own obstacles.  He felt he was given second chance at life and to be better.  He did that for himself AND HIS FAMILY! Now that is inspiration!! 

"My life before Beachbody really wasn’t very healthy at all. Growing up, I mostly ate junk food and frozen dinners throughout my childhood. Yeah, I was that overweight kid. And because of that, I was bullied. A lot. That made me feel depressed and totally insecure. So my “go-to” comfort foods were cheeseburgers, candy bars and stuff like that. As you can imagine, that only made me fatter. So I got picked on even more.

This carried over to my adult years and caused some pretty severe emotional problems. Deep down inside, I really hated myself for letting myself get so out of control. No matter how much I tried to avoid the mirror, just seeing my reflection was a constant reminder of my failures. I was my own worst enemy.

But I had a good friend who was a Beachbody Coach. She was kind enough to introduce me to LES MILLS COMBAT and Shakeology—and to be honest, that saved me. But not right away. When I started COMBAT and Shakeology, I weighed 230 pounds. and had over 31% body fat!

Since committing myself to Beachbody and a life of clean eating and exercise, I have lost 52 pounds and 16% of my body fat. But when I first started COMBAT, I tried the first day and couldn’t finish. I could barely breathe and my ankles swelled immediately. But I stuck with it, and each day I got stronger and stronger. All the punching and backward kicks really challenged me. 

Dan and Rach had such a positive attitude. It was contagious. Just listening to them gave me energy. I never realized how much I could sweat in just 45 minutes. But I stayed at it and when I was finished, I needed a new challenge. So I tried FOCUS T-25! Wow, that’s my favorite workout—Speed 2.0 and Upper Body Focus are awesome.

And what can I say about Shakeology? It played such a key role in my weight loss. I have gained more energy and such a higher metabolism, I can’t imagine ever not drinking it. I mean, I can’t imagine ever going back to the way I was. My wife has joined me on my journey, starting with COMBAT and then FOCUS T-25 and now my whole family is eating clean and exercising together.

Our kids eat healthier foods now, as well, and my six-year-old will join me in my workouts, or even just watch and cheer me on.

I feel like I have been given a second chance to make the best of my life. So I’m making the most of it—as an athlete, a father, a clean eater, and as a Beachbody Coach so I can help others.

What can I say? Beachbody didn’t just change my life—it changed my family’s life, too!"


How awesome would it be to wake up one morning and feel the gratification of knowing you did it? 
I can supply the tools to help you get there - fitness program, Shakeology, support, motivation, accountability, meal planning, and more.
First though you have to make the commitment to yourself that you want to become a 

What's holding you back? 

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Change your MIND, Change your BODY -
 Healthy on the inside and outside!!

Now is the time to learn how to live a 
and we will do it 

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