Sunday, October 20, 2013

Learning how to Eat Healthy One step at a TIME!!

Summer by far is my favorite time of year but I do have to say I love fall when the leaves are changing colors, the air gets a bit more brisk, and the smell of outside is exhilarating!! Our weather has been so crazy lately that you don't know what to expect.  One weekend we were wearing shorts and tshirts to pick pumpkins. Although I do have to say decorating the outside of our house when the weather was warmer was a nice treat this year.  However, when I think of this time of year with the leaves changing colors, the leaves falling and making the ground look breathtaking (ha, my husband won't agree with me on this last one since he does the leaf clean-up around here), and well FALL Festivities.  This past weekend we went to our local Fall Festival where the kids got to paint pumpkins, decorate cookies, build a scarecrow, go on a hayride, and take part in fall/Halloween type crafts and games.  The weather was perfect just enough chill to make it a gorgeous and comfortable day.  Well now I am definitely in the mood for fall and so I am going crazy with pumpkin everything.  As I was creating my meal plan today all I could think about was pumpkin!! So I started researching clean eating recipes and I found a ton of course.  Check out my meal plan below for what's on the menu this week.  If there is ever a recipe you too are interested in please let me know.  I try to post my recipes to this blog but I have to be honest I have not been as consistent doing so.  Working on a plan to get myself back on track.  

So this is what I will be eating this week and for the most part what my family will be eating as well.  

The way I start my planning process is looking at my calendar and seeing what activities we have planned.  I then make sure I am leaving appropriate time to prepare meals and then also making sure I am planning on foods that can be taken with us on our adventures if need be.  It is so very important to me that my family eats healthy as well.  To hear my son say fast food places serve junk although not all enjoy those words it makes me very proud.  My kids know I will not offer them fast food as a suggestion when talking about meal choices so they don't even bother. Did this happen overnight - NO!! It took quite a few months but thankfully I was persistent.  Furthermore, my son learned from one of his shows that apples are called "sports candy" so now he is always asking for his "sports candy" so he can be healthy and in shape.  

I didn't always know how to eat healthy, actually I thought I was eating healthy but then I found out I really wasn't.  I bought into many of the marketing strategies that were out there - low fat, 100 calorie, etc.  Thankfully I was able to  learn how to eat healthy for REAL this time.  

Do you need help learning how to eat healthy too? 
Do you have pounds to lose? 
Do you need encouragement to get started? 
Do you have no idea how to eat to lose weight the right way? 
Have you yo-yo dieted all your life?   
Don't be embarrassed if you have no clue when it comes to healthy eating! Don't be embarrassed if you are out of shape, or overweight 
because this will be your way of learning to fuel your body right. 

Everyone has a story and we all had to start somewhere. I'm taking spots for my October 28th 30 day Healthy Eating and Shakeology challenge! 

It's your time to shine! 
Ask me about this program and see if it's right for you! 

Want the details? Contact me at!!

Now is the time to learn how to live a 
and we will do it 

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