Monday, January 21, 2013

Les Mills Combat First two Weeks 1.7.13-1.20.13


After two weeks of this program I am in LOVE!! I don't know if my favorite workout program (Chalean Extreme) will get replaced yet or not by this one but all I can say is IT IS GOING TO BE CLOSE!!!!  What I love about this program is the mix of martial arts inspired circuits.  HUH, who knew I would find another interest - Martial Arts!! This area I know very little about but after my first week of Combat I was interested in finding out more.

For now, I am going to stick with my BeachBody Fitness Programs and finish out my commitment of 60 day to Les Mills Combat.

I am following the Ultimate Warrior Hybrid Workout Calendar.  You have three different options to choose from when starting the program, this one I just mentioned, the standard Les Mills Combat 60 day calendar, or the Supreme 60 day calendar.  

Here is what my schedule was suppose to be for Week1:
Monday, Day 1:  Combat 30 Kick Start
Tuesday, Day 2: Power HIIT 1 and Inner Warrior Stretch and Strengthen
Wednesday, Day 3: Combat 30 Kick Start and Core Attack  
Thursday, Day 4: Shock Plyo HIIT 2 and Inner Warrior Stretch and Strengthen
Friday, Day 5: Combat 45 Power Kata
Saturday, Day 6: Warrior 2: Lower Body Lean Out
Sunday: Rest Day

so I mentioned this is what my week was suppose to look like however I messed up the schedule in the beginning of the week and then on Friday I got really sick so I switched Friday as my rest day and Sunday I worked out.  

My actual schedule:

Monday, Day 1:  Combat 30 Kick Start
Tuesday, Day 2: Power HIIT 1 
Wednesday, Day 3: Combat 45 Power Kata
Thursday, Day 4: Shock Plyo HIIT 2 and Inner Warrior Stretch and Strengthen
Friday, Day 5: Rest Day  
Saturday, Day 6: Warrior 2: Lower Body Lean Out and Inner Warrior Stretch and Strengthen
Sunday: Combat 30 Kick Start and Core Attack  

Now so I don't mess up again, I have auto-scheduled my workout program into my Wowy SuperGym profile.  So each day all I need to do is log into the supergym and it tells ME what I need to do that day. At 5am I am not always functioning properly, so I am very pleased with the auto-scheduling feature that teambeachbody makes available.

Here is my review:
Combat 30 Kick Start - 
Oh boy, my first program and wow did they give it to me!!!! Squats, punches, and holy kicks!! My legs felt like jelly as did my arms!! Feel the Burn Baby!!!!

My one suggestion is when starting the program you may want to do the workouts without the music option.  I tried it and I couldn't hear the instructors.  Luckily it is a DVD so I was able to stop and restart and choose no music and Voila I could hear everything load and clear!! You can also still hear the music it is just that is it not so loud.  

 Tomorrow you might feel.. SORE. You know what that is??? CHANGE. That is so true we are pushing and changing our bodies and that is a good thing. - Dan Cohen, Les Mills Combat Trainer

Power HIIT 1 - 
The inchworm was one of my favorite moves, the Power Press nearly killed me (I was using 8 pound dumbbells), and then there were the Burpees.  

My goal is to one day be able to keep up with the instructors when they are doing the Burpee circuit.  I am always behind. I pause the DVD just so I can finish my reps!!!!

So for this workout you need barbells or dumbbells.  You can also do the workout without any weights but it will be far more intense if you use weights - so GET WEIGHTS!!!!

What is HIIT?  It is High Intensity Interval Training.  You workout hard and fast and it pays off throughout the day by burning calories continuously.  Some term it as the "after burn" and wow on these HIIT days I am starving!!

You bought this workout to work hard. You knew it would be a challenge so now do the work. Again anything good in life is not easy. You have to work hard. You bought the workout so make the most of it! - Dan Cohen

Combat 45 Power Kata - 

I see the Light alright, HOLY KICKS!!!! 
The combinations in this one take some time to get but luckily again you can pause, rewind, and do it again if need be.  Love that convenience with the At Home Workout Programs!!!!  So we got punches, kicks, and knees and a whole lot of sweat!! 

Shock Plyo HIIT 2 and Inner Warrior Stretch and Strengthen

Wow, after this workout I could not feel my legs!!! This workout was a lot of fun but oh my do you work!!  One of the key components of this program is that the instructors are always switching things up so you don't get bored.  They give you just enough time to catch your breath and then they hit you with MORE!!!! 

Jumping, squats, lunges, push ups, plank, and oh my favorite - BURPEES!!!!

The Inner Warrior Stretch and Strengthen was also on the schedule for today. This is your just as the title states - Stretching.  You are barefoot and you really get to take the time to re-energize your body.  You can literally feel your body lengthening and becoming stronger in this workout.

Lower Body Lean Out and Inner Warrior Stretch and Strengthen
Again another day when I could not feel my legs, butt, or anything in my lower body following this workout.  I can usually walk up my steps at home no problem, however after this day I had to take it a little slower than normal.  Don't get me wrong I am not complaining one bit!! I love this workout!!!!

Combat 30 Kick Start and Core Attack  

Combat 30 I already told you about from Day 1 so nothing new as far as what to expect.  I am sure you know the more you do something the easier it is suppose to get, right?? Well let me tell you first hand, this workout did not get any easier today.  If anything it was harder because my body is so stinkin sore from the previous week.  Regardless I pushed PLAY, worked through my muscle soreness, and got in a killer workout.  

and then there came Core Attack - this was all floor work and oh my does it work the abs!!!! It was the evening following this workout and I wasn't sure if I was having stomach pains or if I was feeling the effects of this workout.  I had those same pains and more the next day and it was all in my core area.  Although this was the first program in the schedule to directly target your Core, Les Mills Combat in each and every one of its days is working your core. If I don't have a rock hard midsection by the end of this program I will be shocked.  Oh that is right there is more to working your core in order to get that six pack.  

Week 2:

Monday, Day 1:  Combat 60 Extreme Cardio Fighter
Tuesday, Day 2: Power HIIT 1 and Inner Warrior Stretch and Strengthen
Wednesday, Day 3: Combat 30 Kick Start and Core Attack  
Thursday, Day 4: Power HIIT 1 and Inner Warrior Stretch and Strengthen
Friday, Day 5: Combat 45 Power Kata
Saturday, Day 6: Warrior 1 Upper Body Blow Out 
Sunday: Rest Day

The only new programs this week were as follows:

Combat 60 Extreme Cardio Fighter
Some of the same moves from Combat 30 and Combat 45 pop up in this one. It does have some of its own combinations too.  Don't worry, Dan and Rach will make your body hurt after this one is over and done!!  It is one of the longer workouts but it is not a full 60 minutes.  I was worried I would not get the full workout in but thankfully I did.  

Warrior 1 Upper Body Blow Out 
My arms were screaming!! I was screaming for a water break!! I started with 8 pound weights and I had to go down to my 3 pounders.  I could NOT lift my arms anymore with the 8 pounders.  Even though this workout is called upper body blow out you still get some lower body and abs mixed in.  Again, one of the things that I love about this program is you are using so many muscles at the same time and you don't even realize it.  

Overall I am very impressed with this Program and I have to add I love Dan and Rachael's accents.  I could listen to them all day long!! I also love that it is a man and woman who are the normal leads for this program.  It is like a sharing of POWER!!  

Always remember, Enough is NEVER Enough...Les Mills Combat Power HIIT 1

Today I started Week 3 and I am still loving this program!! Be sure to check back from my reviews for the next few weeks.  

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