Sunday, November 11, 2012

A little Banana Crazy this Week

Ah, another new week...can you believe at this time next week we will be planning for Thanksgiving week?!?! Craziness, where has November gone? 

Well I am quite tired and I still have some laundry and other housework to finish up tonight so I am gonna make this short and sweet.

My meal plan for this week is done!  I am trying a bunch of new recipes and for some reason everything with bananas sounded good to me!  Bananas are a great fruit for you however they are also high in sugar.  For someone trying to lose weight you would not want to eat as many banana recipes as I am this week.  Thankfully I am now at a stage where I am maintaining my weight and I have added bananas back into my diet. I have worked darn hard to get to this stage!   

Stay tuned to find out whether or not the new recipes this week will get posted...that is usually a sign of whether or not I liked it.  

Need Help making your meal plan or not sure where to start?  Message ME!!!!


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