Wednesday, March 18, 2015

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Ahh the delciousness of caramel and coconut in ONE COOKIE!!
This must be a gift from heaven!!
In fact, it is a gift from those cute girls in green that come around once a year and sell us
Samoa Girl Scout Cookies!!

There are apparently 2 bakers that make Girl Scout Cookies and depending which baker it is dictates the name so these cookies are also sometimes called Caramel deLites - huh who knew!! All I knew is they are delicious and I can eat a whole box by myself!!

Well as you know I am on a mission to find Shakeology recipes that mimic these delicious cookies all week long!! My reason for doing this is these cookies although delicious are not a healthy snack. Let's be honest while we are at it, can you really eat the recommended serving on the box? 2 samoa cookies? 

So instead of the cookie let's try finding a Shakeology recipe that mimics the cookie!! Shakeology is made of 70+ natural ingredients which make it a superfood super dense nutrition shake!! 
If you can have the delciousness and nutrition - WHY NOT go for Shakeology instead of the cookie!!

Today it is Samoa's but later this week we will also visit Caramel deLites!! Will there be a difference in taste?? We shall see!! 

 I am also on a mission to find a way to make these recipes that will fall in line with the 21 Day Fix program's nutrition plan. A lot of these shakeology recipes I found included milk, almond milk, etc. but for those of us who know the 21 Day fix nutrition plan, you also know milk is considered a Replacement container food and quite frankly I don't want to use mine up for MILK!! Feel free to do so if you like though!!

and the moment you have been waiting do you make Samoa Cookie Shakeology?

Ingredients and Directions...
*8-10 ounces water
*1 scoop Chocolate Shakeology
*1/2-1 teaspoon caramel extract
*1 teaspoon unsweetened coconut (or 1/2-1 teaspoon coconut extract)
*4-5 ice cubes
*Blend and Serve with a sprinkle of unsweetened coconut on top!
**(The coconut on top is a must!! It totally changes the flavor of the shake!!)**

And for those that are not ready to try Shakeology, what is holding you back? 

Want more shakeology recipes inspired by Girl Scout cookies? check back this week to see what else I am trying out!!

Now is the time to learn how to live a 

and we will do it 

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