Monday, May 27, 2013

Summer is Coming!!

Bring on the Summer sunshine and Warm Weather!! I love love love  Summertime! It is  my favorite time of year because I absolutely love sunny days and warm weather.  I live in Eastern PA and this weekend it is expected to be in the 90s here!! Woo hoo!! Bring it on!! I'm ready for Summer - ARE YOU????

Last year was the first time in a long time that I actually looked forward to summer. See in previous years I didn't feel all that great about myself and I hated the way I looked and more so how I felt. Last year though I had found an outlet to help me get myself back in shape and back on track - I participated in my first challenge group. I wasn't in the best shape right off the bat but I was on my way. See it wasn't an overnight fix but it was a fix that would last with me forever. I was losing weight, inches, gained more energy, and found a new focus - health and fitness. 

I want to share with others what I have learned and I want to help others learn to feel good about themselves again. I want you to look in the mirror and say WOW, not only do I feel awesome but I look awesome too!! So here is your ticket to get fit, healthy, and happy - I am hosting a Summer Slim Down Challenge group and we get started June 10th.

Regardless of where you are at in life - it is time for shorts, tank tops, and bathing suits. Time to start thinking about the kids being out of school, trips to the pool, vacations, trips to the beach, party here and party there, summer nights hanging out - do you have energy for all that? In this challenge group you will learn how to fuel your body properly and gain Natural energy!!

In this group I will teach you how to eat healthy (NO, this is not a diet - anyone knows me I don't do diets!!).

I will also help you to find that balance between work and play! I will share MY tools on how I made healthy eating and exercise a part of my lifestyle even as a mom with kids and a bazillion other responsibilities. I will help you plan to stay on track even while on vacation, taking a road trip or weekend getaway. You won't have to worry about falling off the wagon or restricting yourself so much that you feel like you are missing out on good food! Eating real food is such a great thing for your body!! You aren't eating just salads and veggies - real wholesome, filling, and oh so delicious food. It tastes so darn good and your body will THANK YOU!! This is your lifestyle, this is your life, you get one shot to make it the healthiest that you can be! Start now and I will teach you everything that I know!!

All you have to do is message me and let me know you are interested and we will take it from there.

Summertime is around the corner and our schedules will get busier but that doesn't mean you can't participate in the group!! Finding time for yourself is possible and KEy to living a healthier and happier life!! I'm a busy person too but I found a way to make time for my health and fitness - now it is part of who I am. WHY?! because I realized I needed to start thinking about myself too!!

Your spot in my Summer Slim Down Challenge Group is waiting for you - all you have to do is say 

Now is the time to learn how to
Live a Fit, Happy, and Healthy life
and WE will do it 


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