Sunday, January 27, 2013

Les Mills Combat Week 3

Okay Week 3 - in the beginning I wanted to kill you and now that the week is over I love you again!!

This week was tough for me.  I was tired, my house was a mess, and I really did not feel like getting out of bed at 5am.  It was so cold this week, my nice warm bed felt so much better than getting on my workout clothes and heading downstairs.  I could not imagine what my dedication would be like if I had to leave my house to workout.  I am guessing I would not be in the great shape I am now!!!!  Thankfully I found the strength inside me everyday to get myself out of bed and get my workout in and done.  I did miss Friday but I made up for it on Sunday.  

It still drives me crazy that I battle with myself in the morning.  Every time after I am done my workout I feel a thousand times better than when I don't workout in the morning.  I think clearer, I am nicer, I have more patience, I am more productive, I look better, and seriously I could just continue on and on with all the positives my day is filled with when I get my workout in and done first thing in the morning.  Anyone else have this constant struggle with themselves?  You have the Angel on one shoulder and the devil on the other - Good vs. Evil?  

My goal this week is to get out of bed every day on my first alarm (yes I set more than one alarm - ask my husband he will tell you all about it!) 

Okay, okay enough about my battle of getting up in the morning.  Lets talk about the Fight Les Mills Combats threw at me this week.  

Overall Les Mills Combat is still continuing to challenge me on a daily basis.  I am getting more comfortable with the kicks and punches.  It is all about repetition as Dan and Rach tell me on my DVDs.  I also feel my technique is getting better so that means I am getting better and stronger!!  

Here is what was on the schedule this week:
Monday - Combat 60 Extreme Cardio Fighter
Tuesday - Power Hiit 1 and Inner Warrior Stretch and Strengthen
Wednesday - Combat 60 Extreme Cardio Fighter
Thursday - Power Hiit 1 and Inner Warrior Stretch and Strengthen
Friday - Combat 30 Kick Start and Core Attack
Saturday - Combat 45 Power Kata
Sunday - Rest

Monday - Combat 60  Extreme Cardio Fighter
This was my first day of this program.  I was a bit intimidated by the length of this particular program.  Midway through I was starting to feel fatigued because the trainers really kick some butt in this workout.  The workout includes more interval training, new combinations and holy wow KICKS!!!!

If we are going down, we are going down swinging. That's how we roll in Les Mills Combat - Dan Cohen, Les Mills Combat

and then when you thought it could not get any harder it ends with push ups and crunches. My body was screaming!!

Tuesday and Thursday - 
Power Hiit 1 and Inner Warrior Stretch and Strengthen
So you have seen my reviews before regarding Power Hiit 1 and Inner Warrior Stretch and Strengthen.  Power Hiit 1 continues to challenge me.  I still struggle to keep up with the crew on the burpee segments but I am getting better. I keep repeating to myself Enough is never Enough (as Dan and Rach say) and it really gets me moving and pushing harder.  I will be able to keep up by the end of my Combat journey - guaranteed!!!!

Another guarantee - Burpee Jump Squat I will own you when I am finished!!!!

Wednesday - Combat 60 Extreme Cardio Fighter
This day I found Combat 60 Extreme Cardio fighter even more challenging. Oh my, it kicked my ass!! I was feeling fatigued even before I was half way through this time.  We are talking nonstop punches and kicks! I was kicking all over the place so after this one I really need to watch the kicking tutorial again because I was feeling so fatigued I am sure my form was not at its best. With that being said even though I was feeling fatigued you see the trainers moving along and they look fantastic. I want to look fantastic too darn it - so I pushed a little more and finished with the Oh my Goodness PUSH UPS and CRUNCHES at the end again.  Somehow I forgot about these from Mondays session of Combat 60.   

Friday - Combat 30 Kick Start and Core Attack  (swapped today with Sunday)
Friday I did not do any workout, I used it as my rest day.  Instead I swapped Friday's workout with my originally planned rest day of Sunday.  

Combat 30 is by far one of my favorite programs. It is short, sweet, and just the perfect intensity.  There should be no one that cannot squeeze in at least 30 minutes and this workout is the perfect one to squeeze in.  You get an incredible mix of arms, legs, and abs.   

Core attack is also another favorite program because I have really been trying to focus on my own personal technique to really work my abs.  Well this program does just that for me.  It makes me focus on my technique to really feel the abs working.  It then ends with back work which just feels so wonderful and who knew it is great for strengthening your abs!!!!

Saturday - Combat 45 Power Kata
Power Kata was not my favorite the first time around.  This time however I really enjoyed the workout and that just proves you really need to give certain programs a few tries before you can say yes or no.  It all depends on your mood that day, how your body is feeling, etc.  It really is a challenging workout and one of the trainers says during the program, "Stronger on the Outside, stronger on the inside." This is so true!! By gaining strength in my body I really have been able to become that much of a stronger person. I am letting go of the past and moving on quicker and easier.  

So another week in the bag and ready for another week to begin - Week 4 Here I Come!! 

Tomorrow, Monday I am starting of with another dose of Combat 60 Extreme Cardio Fighter!  My goal is to kill it!!!! 

I have my plan in place for the week, I know what I have to do each day, I know what workout needs to be done, and I know what I am eating.  Exercise is important to the healthy life routine but what you eat is even more important.  Do you know what you are eating this week? If I don't have my meal plan done and ready to go for each week I am more likely to make unhealthy decisions.  I make life easier by preparing for the week ahead. I make my meal plan on Sundays, go grocery shopping either Sunday or Monday and then it is all about prepping the food so it is easy to grab and go.  I stay at home with my kids but it is still a challenge to sometimes put meals together even when I am home.  This way if I prep ahead of time it is that much easier, plus it is also convenient for my husband to just grab and go while he is running out the door in the morning.   Here is my meal plan for the week - care to share yours?

If you need help getting started with your own fitness routine or would like more information regarding what I do and how I stay on track or maybe even want to chat about Les Mills Combat - CONTACT ME. I would love to chat and help you get started to living a healthier, happier life.  

Maybe you would even be interested in joining one of my personal challenge groups where a small group of people are all working together to help one another reach their health and fitness goals. 

Here's to another fabulous week - Stay with the Fight my friends.

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