Sunday, October 14, 2012

Bring on a New WEEK

This is my inspiration photo for the week! Not only do I love her abs but I love what it says!  I have been slacking a little more lately and I need to get myself back on track.  I have been wanting to do the shakeology 3-day cleanse again but just could not get myself motivated to commit.  What is the shakeology 3-day cleanse? Click HERE for more information. 
So what happened that I actually committed to doing the cleanse this week? I have been trying to find a buddy to do the cleanse with me and this weekend I find the perfect person.  More so, she found me!  My friend from college contacted me this weekend about something else and anyway long story short her and I are going to do the cleanse together!  Everything is always better when you have someone doing it with you, right? I absolutely adore this girl too! I wish we lived closer so I could see her and her family more often. At least we can visit each other!  
Being that I am doing the cleanse, my meal plan is pretty basic this week.
I have found I am more hungry at night than usual, partly because I am staying up later and later.  Last week and this week I am adding in more than just Green Tea for my evening snack.  Are you a night snacker?
Enjoy your week! Check back to see how my cleanse is going.  This time around I am going to document my experience so others can see what it is like first hand from ME!
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