Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Clean Eating While Traveling

Do you ever struggle with staying on track with your healthy lifestyle while traveling 
for work or pleasure? 

Do you want to know how not to undo all your hard work and effort for just a few days away?

I get asked all the time by friends, customers, and in my challenge groups "how do I stay on track while I am traveling?" I use to ask this same question and the best advice I have is to PLAN AHEAD!! yes Planning takes times but trust me it is well worth it. 

I am here to share some of my tips with you that have worked well for me on trips in the past. These are also the same steps I plan on taking each and every time I am away in the future. 

Just because you are going to be away from home does not mean you shouldn't plan (see image above - it's the truth). If you need to bring non-perishable food (oatmeal, nuts, granola, canned tuna, protein powder, shakeology, protein bars, raw honey, dried fruit, etc.) with you then do so. If you are not able to then take a taxi or some other form of transportation and get yourself to a grocery store when you first get into town. Most places now have a service that you can call ahead and they will grocery shop for you and deliver so it is there for your arrival. Yes these services cost money but in my opinion it is money well spent!! 

If you aren't going far from home then pack a cooler of healthy foods. Includes snacks, make meals ahead of time, prep just like you would any other week. Just because you are traveling does not mean you should totally get away from those healthy habits of meal planning that you have adopted!!

At the very least if you are drinking shakeology you can rest assured knowing you got in at least ONE Healthy meal per day. Shakeology is very easy to transport as it is in powder form. Single serve packets I like best for traveling. I also bring along my single serve hamilton beech blender. I try out shakeology recieps ahead of time that I can mix with water because well getting water is super easy. I then make sure I pack my peanut butter and either bring along fruit or buy fruit once I get to my destination. Most flavors of shakeology if you mix with peanut butter and a banana taste awesome!! The only flavor that does not is greenberry and for that one on the go I mix with water and a banana or water, OJ, and a banana. YES OJ and bananas are higher in sugar but at the very least it is better than MANY of the other choices you may encounter!! (oh and most hotels usually  have an area where they offer fresh fruit in and around the main desk area so your fruit can be free!)

This is very simple yet so many people don't ask!! If you are staying in a house well then yes you have a refrigerator. If you are staying in a hotel not all come with it but I have yet to find a hotel that does not provide one upon asking. So speak up and ASK. This way you can store your cold items you picked up at the grocery store upon your arrival. 

Water water water - you always need to be drinking water. You should be aiming to drink half your body weight in ounces daily. Traveling is no excuse to why you can't drink water!! Refillable water bottle is good for the environment too.

5. ALCOHOL- To drink or not to drink
Alcohol does make an appearance for many while traveling. If traveling for pleasure sometimes it makes more appearances than normal. My rule of thumb is drink in moderation just like you would eat in moderation. Opt for the lower calorie drinks and for every alcoholic beverage you have add in another glass of water!

When eating out at restaurants you are not always sure how your food is prepared so a very simple thing to do is ASK!! I always ask for my veggies to be steamed without butter or oils, I ask for double veggies rather than the starch or I substitute a side salad for the starch side, and I look to see which meats are     prepared as close to their natural state as possible (no extra sauces, no french fried onions, bacon, etc. and if you can't figure it out ASK). Ask for your dressing on the side rather than mixed in if you choose to have a salad. Opt not to have bread brought to the table. 
If you are on vacation with others and you are sharing the same living space it is okay to prepare healthy foods. You never know maybe you will help someone else who is struggling. This is also an area where you can SPEAK UP and say you will help with the cooking. Then you have the advantage to cook foods that are on the healthier side. YES not everyone choose to eat healthy but that does not mean that you should have to eat unhealthy because of their choices. This can be a delicate subject but again have faith in what you are doing. 

We all lead busy lives these days, and while traveling life can sometimes get even more hectic!! Don't let busy or traveling be your excuse not to take care of yourself.  You will feel better, look better, have more energy, and be happier if you stick to your plan and stay on track!! 

If you need additional planning tips feel free to CONTACT ME and we can set up a time to chat about your upcoming trip. Not every day while I have traveled has been easy but I can tell you I have made huge progress each and every time I do travel by implementing these tips. You can do it too!! 

These are my tips but I would love to hear from you what you do to stay on track while traveling!! Feel free to post in the comments section below or EMAIL ME!! 

Happy and Safe Travels!!

Now is the time to learn how to live a 
and we will do it 


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