Monday, September 16, 2013

My Meal Plan This Week

When I first started my health and fitness journey back in February 2012 I was eating whatever I wanted whether it was considered a clean eating food or not.  Honestly I was losing weight and inches so I thought why should I change.  The longer I continued my journey (thank goodness this time I was sticking to a routine and not giving up) the more I heard about clean eating and how it greatly benefits your body.  The principles were pretty easy to follow but it would require me giving up all the sweets that I oh so loved!!  I started to dabble in it a bit and slowly but surely I found clean eating really does make my body feel a thousand times better.  I didn't have the normal bloated, uncomfortable feeling after eating I was so use to.  I didn't want to take a nap after eating, instead I had great energy.  I didn't have my stomach issues that I thought were just part of getting older...I thought those issues were normal. The issues were not normal and it was a result of the bad foods I was feeding my body.  

 As time continued I found that if I planned in advance what I would be eating I was more likely to stay on track with clean foods.  If I didn't plan ahead I would find myself spending way more money at the grocery store, making poor food choices, and well my same old self started to creep back.

 So what did I do, I started to meal plan on a regular basis.  I thought it would be so hard and time consuming but I am here to tell you friends it is not!! The first time I did it yes it took me a bit longer but now I have it down to 5 minutes or less. I typically meal plan on Sundays.  This Sunday I did just that and sat down with my pen and paper - looked through our fridge to see what leftovers we had to use up, then what meats we had available, then went to work putting my thoughts on paper.  I also take into consideration our schedule for the week ahead.  If I know I am going to be out of the house for lunch then I will plan something that I can take along, plans with family and friends, etc.  

Here is what I started with...


and then this is what I end with

I like things to be all tidy and neat and so that is why I put it into a word document.  I then post this document office and in our kitchen.  I include my workouts too so I never have to think about what I am doing first thing in the  morning.  My alarm goes off very early and well sometimes I am not always thinking correctly!! 

So there you have it another week of meal planning completed.  I did have one  minor change from my original hand written plan vs. my finished.  I had forgotten about an event I was going to tonight.  I will be sticking with the healthy choices.  I have been here before and they have a wide variety of foods.  

If you need help with meal planning or cleaning up your diet, please feel free to contact me.  I also host monthly support and accountability groups that focus on nutrition and others that focus on fitness & nutrition (like I started with).  If you are interested in either of these groups feel free to contact me regarding those as well.  Looking forward to hearing from you.  

Now is the time to learn how to live a 
and we will do it 

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