Sunday, September 15, 2013

From Blonde to BOLD!!!!

This is a bit off key for me as I am usually posting about health, fitness, beachbody, etc.  Tonight I am writing about an experience I had this past weekend.  and it is not related to any of the aforementioned... 
Hi, My name is Alyson Horcher and I have always been a blonde!! As I got older my hair got darker but it was still blonde.  I did however start to get highlights, dabbled in full process, and now it was time to give my hair a rest.  Thankfully the woman who takes care of my hair for me is a family friend.  I trust her completely.  I truly do not feel that I have ever had this much trust in the person doing my hair.  I made an appointment to get my hair colored and cut and told her I wanted to go a bit darker.  The sun had totally bleached out my hair and it felt blah.  When I sat in her chair this past Saturday and she asked me "well, what do you want to do" I wasn't sure exactly how to answer.  After talking she suggested going dark blonde (she said it would look brown to me because I am use to bright blonde). It would not only give my hair a rest but it would give it more life and bring out my eyes which happen to be BLUE!! 

Okay so what happened over the next few minutes SCARED THE DAYLIGHTS out of  me!! BethAnn had to fill my hair first since all pigment had been stripped.  The stuff she was putting on was RED!! When she washed it out, it was RED!! I stayed calm because again she warned me of this and I trust her!! I could not help but look in the mirror though and see RED!! She continued on a did some blonde highlights and then my color.  This is when the excitement started to build.  I didn't want to be nervous, I wanted to be excited - the feelings feel the same so why not choose the more positive one - right?!?!  Ahh excitement...what would the final result look like? What will my husband say? Will my kids recognize their mommy? 

Time went on, we talked, she lathered on more color and then it was time for the rinse...
Holy WOW - my hair was DARK!! Better yet, my hair was BOLD!! 


What I instantly LOVED was how my eyes popped just like BethAnn told me they would. Next I love the color.  She gave me just enough blonde highlights to help transition to the new darker shade I was sporting.  

So my overall take on this experience was believe in people you TRUST.  I knew BethAnn had my best interest in mind and so I trusted her.  I am thankful I did because I am loving my new do!! 

What do you think? Better Blonde or Bold?

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