Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Better late than Never...

Consistency is usually my thing but this week getting my meal plan  typed up was not happening on its normal schedule.  Sunday as you know is my day to plan for my week ahead and this is when I do my meal plan for the week, get my grocery list together, etc. The way I do it is I start on paper first (yes I am an old head, I like paper) and then I type it up in a word document that I can share with my followers, customers, and challenge groups.  YIKES it is already Tuesday and I have yet to do that...

I am a routine person so getting off track is not what I like to do.  Regardless, I have my paper meal plan that at least I am able to follow.  Eating healthy is my #1 - if I don't fuel my body and my family's body properly I am doing us all a disservice.  

so here it is, my meal plan for the week

I am loving Vanilla Shakeology as a Vanilla Latte in the morning.  It makes my coffee that much more enjoyable!! I was also starting to run into a problem of not getting to eat within an hour of waking up (one of the clean eating principles I try to follow religiously b/c I can totally tell a difference when I eat later than that).  My solution to correct this was have a shake in the morning and so perfect excuse to have a Vanilla Latte Shakeology Style!! As you can see I am still having my normal afternoon snack of Shakeology as well.  Ha, no wonder I have so much energy and feel awesome!! Shakeology totally gives my body what it needs!! Hello that is why I am such a huge believer and strong supporter of Shakeology.  

I also try to plan as best I can around events we have going on.  This weekend I will be attending a picnic for most of the day Saturday and so my plan is to stick to the healthy food and stay away from the fatty, greasy, and unhealthy foods.  I am packing a healthy snack for the ride that I can eat while driving and then taking along my Shaker cup and Shakeology packet so I can still have a shake while I am there.  

My afternoon shakeology break will be just what I need to keep myself on track and saying NO to temptations.  

Well so there it is my meal plan for the week!! Do you meal plan too? If so what goes into your thought process or do you just look what is in your fridge and go from there?  If you ever need help getting started let me know. I fought meal planning for a long time during my weight loss journey but once I did the pounds melted off. Now, well this is what I do and I know it works and keeps me on track!! 

If you would be interested in learning more about meal planning, healthy recipes, or how to eat healthy Contact ME!! I would love to chat and hear what you are or are not doing for your body.  I also host monthly health and fitness groups (how I got started on my own journey) that go a deeper than what I talk about her on my blog.  So if you are looking to get yourself back in the game whether it is losing weight, toning, or being a positive example for your family you are after - I CAN HELP.  CONTACT ME and together we can go through the options that are available to you.  I am positive we can find a plan to work for you!! 

Now is the time to learn how to
Live a Fit, Happy, and Healthy life
and WE will do it 


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