Sunday, June 30, 2013

Planning for the Week Ahead

Another Sunday and another weekend is over.  Wait, Hello I'm a Mom it does not matter if it is the weekend or a weekday!!  I do however have certain tasks I do each day of the week/weekend and Sunday nights is reserved for planning.  I plan for the week ahead and being that today is the last day of June I will also start my July task list as well.  

What does my planning for the week ahead look like?  Well first I get out my calendar and I sit down with my husband and we figure out what we have going on the next week.  Then I get busy making sure I plan out my time for my chores, my business, and most importantly my family!!
 Yes I plan as best I can for as much as possible.  Now not all plans are written in stone so I have learned over the years to be more flexible.  Next I plan our meals for the week (if you are interested in viewing my meal plan for the week CONTACT ME).  I work around our schedules and always plan on starting the morning with a breakfast that will fuel me properly after my particular workout that day.

 Next comes checking my cabinets and pantry to see what I need at the grocery store (I buy in bulk and I do stock up when I can so a lot of food items I do have on hand most of the time at home of course with the exception of fresh fruit and veggies). Next comes my grocery shopping list and then planning on when I will go to the grocery store for those items we need.  As mentioned I buy in bulk and I stock up on items when they are on sale and best is when they are on sale and I have a coupon.  I try to save money wherever I can so thrifty shopping is right up my alley.  Unfortunately coupons for the food items I buy frequently does not happen often. I try to plan all my shopping for one day to also try and save on gas.  HA - I told you there was lots of planning going on!! 

After this is all done I work on my business planning for the week.
I revisit my goals and come up with my game plan for the week.  In addition, I always want to make sure I am providing the best possible experience for my customers.  Most of my customers are involved in my Challenge Groups and so another area I plan is what topics I would like to cover during the next week in my challenge groups.  I also try to check in with as many challenge group participants as possible to find out their upcoming week's goals.  

DO YOU SET GOALS for yourself on a weekly basis? 


Finally I look it all over once it is done and make my to do list for MONDAY!! I always try to make my to do list the night.  I have heard from several top professionals that making your to do list the night before results in a more productive day.  I also sleep a lot better knowing what I need to accomplish the next day is written down and I don't have to try to go off of memory.  

So that is what I do to prepare for the week ahead. Do you have any planning tips to share?  If so, please comment below or CONTACT ME.  I am always looking for ways to better manage my time and become more efficient.  

Have a great week!! 

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