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Tosca Reno's Eat Clean Tips

Tosca Reno's  Eat Clean Tips

Tosca Reno the author of the Eat Clean Diet Recharged (a.k.a my clean eating bible) has an amazing website called the Eat Clean Diet.  She has the most amazing and helpful information on her site and it is one that I frequent often.  Today I am including a few things I learned from her website and her book to help you get started on your own Clean Eating journey....It is a lifestyle that is full of so many rewards for our bodies and minds!!

                                                                                                 Not only do we always wonder how long food is good for but also what are the staples to have on hand when it comes to clean eating. Also what foods should we eat and how many times a day!! 
See this is why I call her book the clean eating bible because I am constantly referring back to it to remind me how to stay on track.  Anyone else need tips like these?   Well look no further here they are for you.  Check out these tips to keep you on track and to ease the anxiety of eating the right kind of food to get the results you really want!!!!                                               

Another question people ask me all the time is, what should I buy at the grocery store?  While this list is comprehensive, I would suggest sitting down each week and designating a planning day.  Make your meal plan and grocery list at the same time then you only buy what you need for the entire week.  If you stick to your list then you are less likely to buy JUNK!!  It also takes the ease out of spending money on food.  A lot of times we let foods go bad, but not anymore because you made a meal plan, a grocery list to go with it, and you plan on using all of the food items you bought!!

Battling sugar cravings is another topic I hear about a lot from my challengers and I went through it too (occasionally I still do).  Sugar cravings are by far the absolute worst thing to go through when trying to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  Whether you quit sugar cold turkey or you slowly cut it out there are withdrawal symptoms. A lot of times you can get a headache, feel sluggish, grumpy, or feel like you are in a fog!  For me it was sluggish and foggy.  It was sheer willpower and the desire to change that brought me through and continues to bring me through.  

This chart is a great visual to help make some sense out of your cravings.  If you can distract yourself, drink some green tea, or get busy most of the time you can avoid the cravings! But the key is you have to WANT to avoid the cravings!  

So if you are just getting started on your Clean Eating journey or have been at it for some time I applaud you for taking care of yourself and fueling your body the way it was meant to be fueled.  

Now is the time to learn how to
Live a Fit, Happy, and Healthy life
and WE will do it 


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