Sunday, September 16, 2012

It's that time again...

It's that time again to start planning for the week ahead.

What do you have planned for the week or the upcoming weekend?

This week we have more to do than other weeks, not complaining at all! We have a Benefit dinner, I get my hair cut (needed very much), storytime at the library and get the kids library cards, Leo's 2nd week of preschool, another trip to the Please Touch Museum (thanks to my in-laws for the year membership - loving it!),  lots of yard clean up and fall planting. 

Thankfully I will not have to think about what I am eating because I have put together my meal plan for the week (also includes my workout schedule).  Here it is...

Some people find it helpful to plan out their meals for the week some find it to be a daunting task.  Which are you?

I personally like it because then I do not have to think about what I will have to eat.  When I have to think about it at the particular time I am more likely to choose something that may not be the best for me.  Also it is a great way to make sure I have what groceries I need to make what I have planned.  Have you ever started to make a recipe and then realize you are missing ingredients?  Ugh, I have done this so many times in the past.

If you plan out your meals for the week, what day do you do it? Do you try new recipes? Where do you look for the recipes if you do? Do you plan out just your meals or your whole family's meals?

If you do not plan your meals, how do you wing it? Do you decide that morning what you will have or do you do it meal by meal?

Would you like to start planning your meals for the week?
What is your reason? Purpose of organizational, budget, weight loss, or something else?
If you would like help getting started feel free to message me at
We all have to start somewhere right? Let me help you!
Have a great week!
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