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Tips to Improve Body Image

Well all want to look and feel a certain way! RIGHT?!?! Sometimes we think we know what we want but in all actuality we have no clue.  WE look to others to try and FIND what we want and then copy it for ourselves. Or we do the dirty deed of comparing ourselves to others.  We strive for so long to become the perfect image of ourselves yet Perfection does not exist!!

imperfect, i'm perfect

A positive body image is so very important for women and men.  Often you will read articles talking only about women on this subject but it is important to include men in on this topic as well.  The truth is so many people are in abusive relationships with their bodies.  We are always wishing for something, often what we think is better - bigger boobs, smaller waist, tighter abs, bigger muscles, etc. You get the picture!! Now I am not saying wanting these things is bad if you want them for the right reasons but that is the question you have to ask yourself - WHY do these things matter? Well for one our society instills images in our heads to alter our thoughts about what we think is Beautiful!  For so long I thought Skinny was beautiful and until recently I realized for some yes skinny does look beautiful but for me I prefer to look healthy (which can include skinny). I have gone through my stages of being stick thin and now stick thin does not appeal to me because it didn't look healthy on me. It took me YEARS to finally understand this. I still have a lot of work to do because for so long I thought and felt one way.  I am thankful to say my eyes have been opened to a new light!! I have found that to feel beautiful on the outside I have to feel beautiful on the inside.

beauty, beautiful, I am beautiful, beautiful on the inside and outside

How can we feel beauty inside and out? Well for one we can stop the negative self talk we speak to ourselves. How many of you will look in a mirror on any given day and say "ugh, I look awful!" or maybe "my thighs look super fat today" - I've said both and I have been making attempts with myself to stop the negative self talk and let me tell you it works!! Stop yourself before you say those harsh words to yourself!! I always ask myself this question, "would I say those words to someone I loved?" If the answer is NO, then I shouldn't be saying those words to myself.

positive thinking, overcoming negativityAnother way you can help improve your Body image is to Surround yourself with positive people.  If you are around positive people,  more positive thoughts will flow through your mind and that in turn helps you build that positive body image so many of us strive for. If you are around negative people well you will become that negative person too!!  You get to choose who you surround yourself with! Keeping a positive outlook is essential to your emotional well being!

You also get to choose what you read and so if you read any of the magazines on the newsstand Try your very best to not compare yourself to those you see in the magazines. Not all images are the ideal and not all images are 100% REAL.  Don't forget there is airbrushing done on many. So what you think may look like perfection is actually a program to make the image look a certain way.

Looking a certain way, also leads me to Weight! Whether you are at your ideal weight or looking to lose a few pounds,  weight can make a difference in how we feel about ourselves.  A tip I have learned along the way is to NOT weigh yourself daily. If you are working on losing weight for whatever reason, stepping on the scale daily is actually not the best. The scale can be a huge deterrent in your weight loss success. There are so many different factors that determine your weight each day. These factors include hormones, water weight, sodium, that time of the month and more. The scale is actually the least accurate measure of progress. So stop tying yourself to a number. Plus, there are so many others ways to measure your progress - how you feel, how your clothes feel on you, your energy, the compliments from others.  If you are a slave to the scale then try and limit it to once a week at the most.

slave to the scale, overcoming the scale, scale and weight issues

Regardless of how you feel right now at this moment, I want you to know you have the option to either Be the Best version of YOU or continue on with how you have been living life.  I am not saying either way is better than the other. We all get to write our stories and my hope is that these words I write today can help at least one person feel better about themselves.

what is beauty

Your body is a magnificent piece of art!! Take good care of it because it will be with you for life! 
Focus on your body's abilities and you will be amazed at all it has to offer you.  Our bodies are a gift and although we don't take care of them as best we should at least we are given chances to try again.  Why do you think I talk about health and fitness all the time? I want to treat my body well and in turn I will feel better about myself and when I look in that mirror I am proud of ME!! 

If you or someone you know struggles with a negative body image then finding support can be helpful. I mentor men and women just like you each and every day! We work to identify the problem, set goals, and introduce exercise and healthy eating into your lifestyle. My goal is to help you become a better you. It's not always easy changing our minds and bodies (if you so choose) and yes there will be days when you want to quit.  But when you have someone there by your side telling you it is going to be okay, it makes it getting through the tough times a bit easier.  Having support has made a huge difference for me and now it is my turn to share that with you!!

be YOU, beautiful

Now is the time to learn how to live a 
and we will do it 

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