Friday, July 5, 2013

Transformation Spotlight - Dream Teams own DEIDRA wins the Beachbody Challenge

The Dream Team does not disappoint - we are living, breathing examples of what a living a healthy and fit life is all about.  We are educating men and women who want to help others achieve their health and fitness goals. How do we do this - by sharing what we have learned and leading by example!   

Today I share with you a woman who is an absolute sweetheart.  Funny thing is we never met in person but have talked many times on Google+ calls, team calls, and through Facebook.  Deidra is a coach of the Dream Team and it is because of our coach her and I have had an opportunity to not only transform our own lives but the lives of many others by becoming Beachbody coaches ourselves.  

Deidra entered the Beachbody Challenge with her Transformation 
and won $500.  
Wow, not only does Deidra get to benefit from having a healthy and fit body but she also gets MONEY for it.  

Woo hoo - Way to go Deidra!! 

Baby weight—it just doesn’t come off as easy as it goes on. That was especially true for me after baby #2. Here I was, 27, raising two small children, and should have been full of life. Instead, I was constantly run down, slept any chance I could, had no energy, felt bloated all the time, and was extremely unhappy with my body. I couldn’t imagine wearing a swimsuit around family, let alone, strangers at the beach or pool.

I knew that if I changed my pathetic diet, chances were that the fat would have melted away. But my problem is that I LOVE ice cream and carbohydrates, especially at night, and I DESPISE veggies. They say nutrition plays a 70–80% role in your weight loss and that you need to have that down, or your results aren’t going to be 100% of what you want. I just couldn’t help myself; I love bad food. And my will power was zero. And as the extreme vegetable hater that I am, I really needed something that would help get me on my feet with my nutrition.Thankfully, my cousin’s a Beachbody Coach who knew exactly what I needed to get healthy and lose the baby weight—Shakeology. She got me to replace one meal a day with Shakeology, and before I knew it, my ice cream, chocolate, and cereal cravings went away and my body started to change. I started to have tons of energy, my digestion improved, I was losing weight, and my self-esteem skyrocketed.

I love Shakeology! It tastes better than other supplements I’ve tried, and I love that I can make other recipes with it than just a shake. Plus, I’m now making better food choices for all my meals, all thanks to my daily shake.

In just 8 short months, I went from weighing 160 pounds to 123. Shrunk down to a size 3 (from a 10). Lost 7 inches in my chest, and 6 inches in my waist and hips. The bottom line is, Shakeology changed my life! And after experiencing what this amazing shake did for me, I’m now on a journey to help others lose weight the same way I did. I hope that through my motivation, I can help others have success stories of their own!

Have you been wanting to lose weight? Eat Healthy? 
Be a positive example for your family? 
You have the right to life a healthy, happy, and fulfilling life 
and I can help you get there.  
I am a Beachbody Coach and as mentioned I along with people like Deidra and our coach help others get on the healthy and fit train.  We can work together one on one or you can join one of my Challenge Groups

No matter what, NOW is the time to start making a difference in 
your own life.  

Stop thinking and start doing!!  


Now is the time to learn how to live a 
and we will do it 

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