Sunday, December 2, 2012

Brazil Butt Lift and TurboFire Hybrid - Week 1 Review

Well I am very proud to say I completed the Hybrid schedule this week.  Some days it was not easy getting in some longer workouts but thankfully I was able to finish!  My dear two young children sometimes wake up earlier than normal in the morning and when that happens well it throws me off a bit.  I enjoy my quiet mornings working out with very few lights on, the only sound is the TV, and I get my "Prozac" for the day.  I never thought working out would affect my mood as much as it does.  When I don't workout I can totally tell a difference in how I act, react, and feel.  Ugh, I guess the next time my alarm goes off I shouldn't hit Snooze right?!?!

So here is my first week of the Brazil Butt Lift and TurboFire Hybrid...

Monday - Bum Bum and Tummy Tuck
I love the Bum Bum workout.  It is a great workout and wow my butt and quads are killing me the next day.  Tummy Tuck put a hurting on my abdominal muscles.  Ab workouts are usually killer but that is the area I want to improve the most.     

Tuesday -  Fire 45EZ and Abs 10 (if I can find it)
I only did Fire 45EZ on this day.  I did not order the extra DVDs with my TurboFire set so I do not have the Abs 10 workout.  Fire 45EZ was my least favorite workout for the week.  The choreography was a little harder to follow. I did the New to Class version the previous week so this week I wanted to try the regular version.  Eh, it was okay.  The workout was good, the energy was good, but I just wasn't feeling it like some of the other programs.  I was kind of looking forward to my time being over.  

Wednesday - High & Tight and Leandro's Secret
I am loving Brazil Butt Lift!! Not saying I don't like TurboFire it is just that BBL seems to go by so much faster.  I am sure the reason why is b/c they are shorter workouts.  High & Tight incorporated the yellow resistance band that was sent with the program.  Oh those bands look like they would not do too much but Oh My.   A lot of the moves with the bands during the floor workout I had to modify.  Always room for improvement right?  Leandro's Secret left my legs feeling like Jelly!  I was pushing myself at the end to finish strong because my legs were soooo tired!!!!  This was also a great workout.  

Thursday - Fire 55EZ (this is a long one, I am going to try to finish it before my kids wake up - may have to wake up earlier to fit this one in)
I did wake up earlier, 4:45AM to be sure I was able to fit this complete workout in.  It was hard when that alarm went off but I am so glad I got up and completed it b/c I love this workout!  It was fun, the time flew by, and the choreography on this one was not as hard to follow.  

Friday - BBL Sculpt and Stretch 10
BBL Sculpt incorporated weights which I like.  The last two programs I did had a ton of weight training and I miss that part of my workouts.  Today I was happy to get those dumbbells out again!  I did Stretch 10 today too.  It was suppose to be done on the previous day but I knew I would not have the extra time to get it done. I liked Stretch 10 a lot.  I love stretching and always look forward to it.  

Saturday - Stretch 40 and Core 20
Stretch 40 was a longer version of stretching today.  Again, I like these types of workouts.  I love the feeling of stretching and I love improving my flexibility.  This workout was also done without shoes and/or socks. I am not a big fan of wearing shoes so this was a pleasant surprise as well (ya know, it's the little things in life that make us happy).  Core 20 I have a lot of work to do in order to improve.  Apparently my abs are a lot weaker than I thought they were.  Serious ab workout!!

Sunday - Rest Day!!! (most likely will do a little Pilates)
I did do Pilates and although the previous two days incorporated stretching and abs I love Pilates workouts.  I do a 20-30 minute workout and it works everything that I need.  I don't get the rush of energy like I do with BBL and Turbo but it is still a nice way to start my day.  This is my SERIOUS ME TIME!!

So that is my week in review! I am on the fence whether or not I should continue with the Hybrid of just follow the Brazil Butt Lift schedule.  I seem to be able to fit those workouts in and I struggle fitting in the Turbo workouts because they are longer.  All I know is this week I am sticking to be sure to check back next Sunday for my week in review!!

What workout are you doing? Share with me!  Not doing a workout right now but want to?  Message me -

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