Monday, November 19, 2012

What's Next?!?!

This past Saturday I completed my last day - Day 90 - of Tony Horton's Power 90.  It was a long 90 days but I am super happy with my results. 

I did not do so well taking pictures and taking measurements at the beginning of this 90 day program so I don't have much to share as far as results from beginning to end.  I did lose 8 more pounds so that puts me at losing a total of 17 pounds since my BeachBody journey began.  I did take pics at Day 50 and Day 90 (thanks to my challenge group - I remembered to take pictures on these days).  

While doing this program I also continued to eat as clean as I could and I always had my shakeology every day.  As you know I lost more weight - yeah! I had reached my goal weight with ChaLean Extreme but the couple extra pounds I lost with Power 90 put me back into my old jeans. I feel great and I have the momentum to keep on going...

So, What's Next?????
Initially, I was going to just do 30 days of Brazil Butt Lift.  I figured I would do the program along with my Brazil Butt Lift challenge group and it would be over just in time for Christmas.  Then one day on Facebook, another BeachBody coach posted a Brazil Butt Lift and TurboFire hybrid 90 day program.  Ahhh, could it be!!  I have been wanting to do Brazil Butt Lift since the beginning of my BeachBody journey, I just never did.  Then as you all probably know I LOVE Chalene Johnson.  I had great results with her program ChaLean Extreme and she is extremely motivational.  I recently also took advantage of the TurboFire sale so WHY NOT do a hybrid of these two programs.    

Today I started my next personal challenge - 
Brazil Butt Lift and TurborFire Hybrid!!!!

Here is what my schedule looks like this week:

Today - Bum Bum

Tomorrow -  Fire 45EZ and Abs 10

Wednesday - High & Tight and Leandro's Secret

Thursday - Fire 55EZ and Stretch 10

Friday - BBL Sculpt

Saturday - Stretch 40 and Core 20

Sunday - Rest Day!!! (most likely will do a little Pilates)

I really liked my workout today.  It was fun, did the job, and it was over before I knew it.  I did not realize how much of a total body workout BBL would be.  I worked up a sweat and it felt great!!!!  I am also really excited to do TurboFire tomorrow!  I am not much of a high intensity type of gal but I think with a few modifications I will Love TurboFire too!  

I also plan on continuing to clean up my diet even more (along with the rest of my family) and drink Shakeology!  Here is my meal plan I put together for this week.

I always say this but I am so very thankful BeachBody came into my life when they did.  Not only am I making changes but I am now helping others make these same changes too!  Who wouldn't want to be a better version of themselves? Who wouldn't want to be a positive role model for their family?  Who wouldn't want to rock those jeans you haven't been able to fit in for 5 years? I wanted to be all of these things and now I am on my way to wanting to do more!!!!  

Interested in making changes in your life? Want to set your health and fitness goals and be held accountable?  Let's talk! I have challenge groups forming all the time and coaching is always available if you would like a discount or want to make some extra cash.  Message me HERE!!

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