Sunday, October 28, 2012

Plan done for the Week!

I just realized it is late and 5am is going to come very early so I am making this short and sweet...

What are you eating this week? do you know? did you know if you have a plan in place and you prepare snacks/meals before you leave the house you would be less tempted to eat something unhealthy?!

When I started my new lifestyle of eating healthy and exercising I did not make a meal plan.  Ya know what, I had a lot of difficulty staying on track with eating healthy.  If I was out and about and I didn't bring healthy snacks with me I would choose VERY UNHEALTHY snacks.

Now I plan my meals in advance and I prep and pack snacks before I walk out the door.  I always make sure I have bottled water in my car at all times, for safety reasons and so I can mix my Shakeology!  I now keep extra packets of Shakeology in my car's glove compartment.  I also invested in a shaker cup.  That was the best $7 I spent!  If I find myself without a healthy snack option I just get my Shakeology packet, bottle of water, and shaker cup and voila...yummy, nutritious snack in an instant!  

Here is what I am eating this week...

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Have a great week!
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