Thursday, October 25, 2012

Melinda's TurboFire Transformation

Real People, Real Transformations....

This story is as true as they get and I am proud to say this person is another BeachBody coach on the DREAM TEAM!  She didn't start off as a coach but found the opportunity to be right for her and her family.  

Melinda is a 30 year old working wife and mother to a handsome 15 month old boy.  She began her fitness journey January 2012.  As many of us do, she made a New Year's Resolution to lose weight.  She joined a challenge group and lost 20 pounds.  Awesome right?  However, Melinda still was at a point in her health and fitness journey where she was not happy with her body yet. 

Anyone else every feel this way?  

The next step for Melinda was finding a program that would give her dramatic results.  She found TurboFire and from then on her life with BeachBody was set.  She loved TurboFire and after 6 weeks she was losing weight.  In her mind though the weight was coming off much slower and she was NOT getting the results she had expected.  At this point, Melinda had not started drinking Shakeology.  She did not see the value in it and she thought it was just another "protein shake".  After some research she found it was so much more than just a "protein shake".  She decided to give Shakeology a try! 

Once Melinda incorporated Shakeology into her routine the weight started coming off much faster, she had a ton more energy, and her bad cravings were GONE!  Melinda realized Shakeology was worth every darn penny and she continued to include it in her daily meal plan.  Along her journey she also decided to join a BeachBody challenge group (my coach's to be exact) and committed to replacing 1 meal a day with Shakeology, doing TurboFire, and embracing the clean eating lifestyle.  She completed the 12 week group and check out these amazing results!!!!

During the 12 week challenge Melinda lost 18 pounds and 12 total inches.  

She even lost two pant sizes!!!! She is so excited that she now has the energy to keep up with her busy toddler! All of us parents know how much energy these kids have!  

She was so grateful for the life changes she made during the 12 week challenge that she then decided to become a BeachBody coach and PAY IT FORWARD.  Helping others to achieve their health and fitness goals is now HER goal!  Way to go Melinda!!!!  

Remember, Melinda is a busy working wife and Mom and she found the time to make her health and fitness goals a priority.  YOU CAN DO IT TOO!!!!

Want to make your health and fitness goals a priority?  Join my next challenge group and together we will make it happen! Message me for details at

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