Sunday, September 9, 2012

Changing Things Up a Bit

So as I am sure you noticed in my weekly meal plan I tend to eat the same things because well, why mess with a good thing right?  This week I want to change things up a bit and try a few new recipes!

Apple Cinnamon Baked Oatmeal
Apple Pie Smoothie
Chicken Tenders with Balsamic Vinegar
Egg Muffins
High Protein Banana Pancakes

These are all on my plan to make and try this week! I have yet to figure out why when I do try something new, it just can't be one thing! I do this with everything. I could have just thrown in one new recipe, however I am trying five! 

Here is my meal plan for the week:


 Usually on Sunday nights I will do my prepping and organizing for the week.  Tonight however we are attending a friends' wedding celebration so Monday will be my day to prep and organize.  All I do is make sure I have all the necessary ingredients, bake what I can ahead of time, slice and dice my veggies, and hit up the grocery store if needed.  Fruit I always wait to cut up until it is needed. If I find I do need to make a run to the grocery store,  then I will plan my shopping trip for the next day.  Planning a shopping trip for me is a whole other experience and that I will save for another day to talk about!

So I can't wait to tell you about my new recipes this week! I also can't wait to see what my family thinks about them!

Have a great week!
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