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I'm a Beachbody Coach!!
Did you know that?

I'm a mom too!!

I started coaching when my kids were 4 and 2.
At this time in my life I didn't think I could fit one more project on my plate let alone building my own business, but I did and guess what it was one of the best decisions I ever made!!

I had already been at home as a stay at home mom for  about a year. I always thought stay at home moms had the life of doing whatever they wanted to do - lunch dates, shopping trips, keeping their home beautiful, organized, and clean. I also always thought the job as a stay at home mom would not be time-consuming (don't shoot me yet SAHMs - I don't feel this way anymore). See the thing is I never really knew what went on in these homes. Shame on me for jumping to conclusions. We all have our STUFF to do each and every day.  What keeps you busy keeps you busy. and one big ole part of being a stay at home mom is well

TAKING CARE OF THE KIDS!! That is a huge job and one that is very necessary and important!!,, busy moms build a business, busy moms build a business with balance, legit at home work, beachbody coaching, successful beachbody coaches, #1 beachbody team, learn about beachbody coaching, dedicated to all mothers

So some people go out to an office or some type of job each and every day and my husband and I chose my job would be to stay at home raising our kids rather than paying someone else to do it. {and if you do pay someone else that is totally okay too}.  It's a lot of work!! I am not complaining at all because I know there are many parents who would love to stay at home. I am truly grateful we made it work.

But now I have this Stay at Home mom gig going on and now I am was adding in this Beachbody coaching gig. The later I didn't have much a clue about. I really liked that I could save money on my nutrition shake I drank daily - Shakeology. That 25% discount totally caught my eye. So that is where I started.

Then as I talked to my coach I found out there were other "little" things I could do along the way to help me build a business as a beachbody coach.

First stop, Facebook!!
Posting on facebook! Say what? I knew how to post photos of my kids and ask questions but really how could I use facebook as an engine to drive my business?

 I started sharing healthy tips I had found useful in my journey and what I really loved to share was healthy recipes (actually I still love to share healthy recipes). The recipes then led me to a blog so I could have an easier way to share. The blog also then led to my online recipe box which continues to be a great resources for myself, my family, my friends, and my clients.,, busy moms build a business, busy moms build a business with balance, legit at home work, beachbody coaching, successful beachbody coaches, #1 beachbody team, learn about beachbody coaching, gain confidence

So I started doing what I felt comfortable with and watch my business slowly start to grow.

Next stop was hosting my very own health and fitness group (like the one I had joined when I started as a cleint). Again not having a clue about Facebook groups with the help of my coach I figured it out and went about my thing. My first group was a bomb - no one joined. My second group 1 person. My third group 5 people. I was growing!! and I was learning!!

Don't forget though I still had my other job of taking care of my kids and so my beachbody business would be tucked in whenever and wherever I could. I started at 1-2 hours here and there. As my business grew I needed to find more time to devote to it. So I started working a power hour which would help me get all my key business essentials completed more efficiently. This allowed the other time to devote to learning, mentoring my new team, creating new material for  my groups, and so on.

I found out that I really loved helping others set and reach their health and fitness goals and I wanted more!!

I saw other coaches have great financial success and I wanted that too for my family!!

I saw these great vacations coaches were earning and I wanted to go on a free vacation too!

There was so much out there that I wanted but I needed a plan in action of how to do it while continuing to be the best mom I could because Staying at home and raising our children was my first priority and continues to be. So how did I make it work?,, busy moms build a business, busy moms build a business with balance, legit at home work, beachbody coaching, successful beachbody coaches, #1 beachbody team, learn about beachbody coaching, multi-level helping
- Communication
with my husband, my coach, my team, my clients

-I put my blinders on
when I went on facebook I didn't scroll, I instead went to work and did what I needed

- I would take every free opportunity I had to learn more about how I could grow as a coach and mentor

- I would work before my kids got up and work after they went to bed because I wanted to grow this business because the joy I felt from helping others was incredible!! Not to mention I loved seeing our bank account grow too!!

So as I sit here sharing with you how I got started and what I did I want to also share with you that you can do this too!! Busy Moms can build a business and I am one of them!!

If you want something bad enough you figure out a way to do it!!

Maybe you  want to start your fitness journey first like I did and then transition into a coach.
Maybe you are already fit and you want to inspire other women to live a healthy life.
Maybe you crave to have something that allows you to step int the working world but still gives you the ability to be home and present with your kids.

Maybe just maybe you should give this coaching gig a better look because this may be your answer!!
I never in a million years would have thought I would be a health and fitness coach inspiring others but I gave it a go and now there is no turning back!

Here is my invite to you!! Come join me, I'll teach you everything I know and how I have been able to build a successful business from home while raising my children.

Truly I have the best of both worlds and I am loving it!!

I am starting  a new coach mentoring program on Monday, February 1st where I will personally mentor a small group of women through a closed online group, 1:1 calls, weekly team calls and daily interactions to start laying the foundation for a successful business.

I have created a system for my team based on what Team Beachbody has created to train new coaches and my own personal experience that has proven to be extremely successful at getting each and every new coach started right. My goal is to not overwhelm you with the business but to teach you how to get started, to prioritize what is most important, to manage your time, to make this work while still having preserved your family balance and to help you earn an extra income for your family or even honestly replace a salary or income from a job you would like to change! It takes a little prioritizing, time management, and multi-tasking but you can absolutely make this business work for you! Whether its just a few hours a week or full time I can help you set goals that meet your lifestyle. I have no minimum expectations and you can truly do as little or as much as you want as a coach! I let you set the pace and I match that pace with your effort!!! I am not your Boss or Dictator but I am your mentor, coach and guide!

The new coach mentoring program can be done from your home, your computer, ipad, laptop or iphone. If you have internet access you can build this business! You will have access to all of my documents, scripts, guides, training videos, and myself if you join my team. I train all of my new coaches in a small group setting and I truly give you my word that I will be involved in your training! I want to teach you not only how to inspire others to lead a healthy life but how to do it with balance and with passion!

I will honestly say that many people are afraid to take this leap of faith. They think it sounds like a good opportunity but most are afraid that they won't make any money at it, that they will have to sell to their friends, or that they don't know anybody to invite! Trust me, I was right there with you! I had very few  friends on facebook, and I was deathly afraid of people thinking I was only out to sell them something! So I will truly share with you how I overcame that false belief and how I moved forward and built my successful business I have today!

Does this sound like something you would like to do? Then I invite you join a live event I will be hosting with another coach on my team. The event will be on Facebook on Monday, January 25th at 9pm EST to give you a Behind the Scenes Tour of what Beachbody coaching is all about. I will share with you how to get started, what we do, how we grow our social media, how we make money, and you'll hear from other coaches on our team about the impact Beachbody coaching has had on them.
There will also be an opportunity to ask questions live and get answers right then and there!,, busy moms build a business, busy moms build a business with balance, legit at home work, beachbody coaching, successful beachbody coaches, #1 beachbody team, learn about beachbody coaching, behind the scenes of beachbody coaching

If you are ready to go right now and join my team then I invite you to waste no more time and completed the application below and I will contact you personally in the next 24 hours with your next steps.
I am only accepting a limited number of new coaches to my February 1st New Coach Mentoring program, so please don't delay your response

I look forward to hearing from you and hopefully having you as the newest Coach on our team! We are no doubt a great family, currently the #1 team in the organization and we have an excellent tract record of providing quality service, support and training to everyone that joins our team! You definitely will not be left out there to figure it out on your own! We are committed to continually improving our customer service to provide you with the best support and mentoring possible!

Hope to see all of you busy moms as new coaches on my team!!!!!!

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