Friday, January 29, 2016

30 Day Mom Challenge

I get it - LIFE is BUSY!!

We have jobs, we have homes to take care of, we have kids, we have homework, we have meetings, we have family, we have friends, we have kids' activities, then there are meals, laundry, name it we have it on our TO DO list. 

Something that is missing from there is time for YOU!!

I Know, I Know - you don't have time. 

Here's the thing...
you do have time, however you are not making YOU a priority in life. 

Many of us put the needs of others before our own. 
We sacrifice ourselves in doing so. 

Now I am not saying you can't take care of others...not at all
Instead I am saying it is important if not more important to take time to take care of 
YOU first!!

It is why when we on an airplane the flight attendants remind us - 

 if the pressurization on the plan should fail 
YOU should put on your oxygen mask first 
before trying to help others with their oxygen mask

This same theory applies to your LIFE!!

Now I am not saying you need to be 100% selfish and only take care of you.
What I am saying is you need to make you a priority! 
Carve out time each and every day for YOU!!

At first it feels selfish because well you haven't done it before and for once you are actually focusing on YOUR NEEDS!! 
I have to tell you - the reward for making YOU a priority is not only for yourself but in turn benefits others too!! 

Your Mood improves
You get Pep in your step
You get the much needed mental Downtime
You aren't as quick to Jump down someones throat

My first suggestion of incorporating YOU time is to Exercise...
You not only get the YOU time but you also get the health benefits from exercise.  

Look at how your life can improve by moving a bit more each day...

and then add in how it improves you overall well being...

It's a no brainer when you see how it can help you but there is still the issue of 
How to Make Time to actually 

Here is where I come in - I am normal busy mom who has had her life of ups and downs. I am not going to compare my busy to yours because well our lives are different. BUT there are a few parts of our lives that are similar in some ways and those are where I am going to focus on helping you. 

I've been at the stage in my life when I didn't think it could get any better. 
I've been depressed. 
I've been anxious. 
I've been all over the place not knowing what to do next or if I even wanted to do anything next. 

But here's the thing - I have people in my life that depend on ME to be there for them. 
I can't be there for them if I am not there for myself. 
Get it??

So I had to figure out a way to get myself back in the picture and that all started with changing some things in my life...positive changes...I was and am all about moving forward in life with a positive attitude and here is how I did it...

In January 2012 I was mindlessly scrolling on Facebook when I came across one of my "friends" talking about her upcoming Challenge Group (this is the same thing as a health and fitness group or a support and accountability group). She had all these wonderful ideas of how to help others improve their lives and I was like 
YEAH RIGHT!! That is bologna! She just wants to sell whatever she is trying to sell. 

The thing is...she wasn't selling anything...she was instead sharing how she turned her life around and wanted to help others do the same. 

So I "bought" into the Koolaid (yes I was skeptical) because what did I have to lose? but I still had another obstacle to overcome...
Here's the thing - my husband was not on board because he too was a skeptic, he didn't believe I needed anything - "just snap out of it Alyson", and we were living paycheck to paycheck so we didn't have any extra money to support what I wanted and felt I needed to do. 

Guess what though - despite everything looking like it was against me I knew in my heart I had to figure out a way to pay for my challenge pack (workout program, superfood nutrition, meal plans, and more) - but how? I scrimped and saved and made it work. I borrowed the remaining money from our monthly grocery budget - and boy did I feel selfish!! What I liked though is the challenge pack came with a 30 day money back guarantee so if it didn't work then I could return it and get my money back. 

What I found out is 
1. We did not have to spend as much as we were for grocery's each month - we were fine with the budget left over despite the money I borrowed.
2. Having a fitness program laid out for me with what to do each day, the workouts at my fingertips, and a nutrition plan to follow - it made it simple and simple is what I needed !
3. When I purchased my challenge pack I was also invited to join my coach's online group which gave me incredible support, motivated me each day to live a healthier lifestyle, and held me accountable to sticking with the program. 
4. and best of all I found out I how to make time for myself each day which is something I hadn't done in the past. 
Could I have done it alone? Nope. 

At this stage of my life I needed the support and accountability. I needed simple. I needed a solution handed to me and that is what I got!  Through making the time for myself I have grown significantly as a person. 
I am a better wife, mom, friend. 
I have confidence in myself.
I am lighter and leaner (losing 20 pounds and 25 inches). 

I look in the mirror and I a not disgusted by the person looking back at me. 
I smile because I feel good. 
Best of all I am my best self which in turn I am able to be my best self for others!! 
...this is not my end though, I will continue to grow and improve and help others do the same. 

I want to help moms know it is okay to take time for themselves. 
I want to help moms figure out a schedule that works well for them.
I want to help moms not only progress in their nutrition and fitness but their balance of life. 

I want to help YOU, the mom that is reading this and nodding in agreement with everything I said. 

Now it is my turn to share this experience with YOU just like my coach shared it with me!! 
I invite you to join me for my next health and fitness group where our focus will be on 
and it all starts with your nutrition and fitness.

In this group we will discuss Time Management, Fitness, Nutrition, Meal Planning, Overcoming Obstacles, Family Friendly Recipes, Emotional Eating, Eating on the Go, and more. 

I will provide you with my 1:1 support, the group accountability, and daily motivation!! 
I didn't do it alone and I don't want you to have to either!! 

I am looking for 10 MOMs who want to find order, balance, energy, time, their bodies, and sanity over the next 30 days. 

We will do this all in a private, confidential, and practical online group. 
Trust me I don't like to waste time and I won't waste yours!!

💕 Love yourself Enough to Live a Healthy Lifestyle 💕

Please fill out the questionnaire below and I will get in touch with you within 24 hours.

Looking forward to helping YOU find time for YOU!!

To make it even easier for you - the next 5 people who join me for my next group with a challenge pack will receive one of the following {your choice}
**30 minute healthy eating consultation

**FIXATE cookbook {yummy recipes that follow along the 21 day fix nutrition plan}

**$10 Cash back on their order

Fill out my online form.
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