Monday, June 23, 2014

Better late than never - Meal Planning is Key

All I got to say is trying to make a meal plan while away from home is not always an easy task!!  See the past few days I have been at Beachbody Summit in Las Vegas!! Woo hoo!! I returned home late Sunday evening and while I was traveling Sunday I attempted to meal plan. Well what I didn't realize is that I would have no idea what is in our fridge. I don't like to waste food and I don't like to grocery shop and spend money if I don't have to.   So I did my best on the plane but finished up our meal plan today once I was able to see our fridge and freezer!! 

The morning started off rough because I wasn't sure what to make for breakfast but after that I got our plan in place and from there it was smooth sailing!! 

This may sound crazy to you but I know if I have a plan that I will stick to it. If I don't have a plan I will be more tempted to steer off of my clean eating lifestyle. I would start to see the temptations that linger around me. Trust me, I know how it goes down because there have been days and weeks I don't have a meal plan in place. I know from experience it is much easier to give in with no plan!

Well this week I have a plan and here it is...
again I am following the 21 day fix container system because well I know it works and it works well!! Plus I have a new 21 day fix health and fitness group that started their Day 1 journey with me today so I like to do how they are doing their meal plans. 

Keeping this short and sweet tonight as I am ready for bed!! 

If you are interested in tips on meal planning or want to be a member of one of my health and fitness groups CONTACT ME. I would love to help however I can!! My goal is to help as many people as possible learn their true potential and it all begins with living a healthy lifestyle!!

Now is the time to learn how to live a 

and we will do it 

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