Friday, August 9, 2013

Transformation Spotlight - Kristen D. took back her life

Transformation stories always tug on my heart strings.  I love to see people not only transform their bodies but also their minds and their lives!! 

Here is one that is nothing short of AWESOME! Kristen is an inspiration to us all! Great job Kristen!! 

Here is Kristen's story shared  from the  

"Although I have been overweight my entire life, my weight started to really get out of control after I had lower back surgery and couldn’t work out without injuring myself. After my daughter was born, I started to gain weight while trying to "eat right". Then my Dad died, and I gained even more weight.

I hated the way I looked. Hated the way I felt. And when my size 18 jeans got too tight, I was absolutely miserable. It all came to a head on Christmas of 2011 when I saw pictures of myself. I knew I couldn’t live like this anymore. I knew I had to change.

And on January 1, 2012, I did. I got my eating under control, started to exercise, and took the big plunge when I bought Brazil Butt Lift because I wanted to be happy and confident in myself—and look like the people on the infomercial. I loved it. Leandro is amazing!!! After a few rounds of BBL, I completed the Brazil Butt Lift Master Series and Turbo Fire (I love Chalene and now even my 2-year-old asks when we can jump with her), and I followed the meal plans because I was not going to ruin all my hard work by overeating.

The results are far beyond what I could have imagined. I have never been so skinny in my life. I lost 80 pounds, but I gained so much more. I can wear a bikini for the first time in my life. Instead of having a closet full of clothes that are too small, I have an almost empty closet full of skinny clothes. And people tell me all the time how good I look and how I am inspiring them to change.

Before my dad died, he told me how much better I would feel if I lost weight. He was so right."

You can be the next transformation story, all you have to do is decide to say this is how I want to live my life - I want to be Fit and Healthy and feel AWESOME!! 

If you are not sure where to begin or how to follow through with this commitment you made yourself, please contact me.  I can help you through it all.  I am a Beachbody coach and it is my passion to help others set and achieve their health and fitness goals.  I am accepting challengers for my next Challenge Group beginning later this month.  If you are interested CONTACT ME now to hold your spot!! 

Now is the time to learn how to live a 
and we will do it 

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