Monday, August 20, 2012

Food is your friend, not your enemy...

Food is your friend, not your enemy...

After creating my meal plan for the week last night I was thinking about how much my eating habits have changed in just a few months.  I use to eat whatever, whenever and not care.  As long as I felt full I was "satisfied." Luckily my weight never suffered from my poor eating habits and lack of exercise until after I started having children and well I AM getting older.  As we have all been told, your metabolism slows as you get older...more on this another time.

After I felt "satisfied" it never dawned on me what else I was feeling: bloated, lethargic, and soon hungry again!  Wait I thought I was satisfied!

Thankfully I now know about eating clean and I strive to learn more about this healthier lifestyle.  I am so grateful I now eat the right types of food to help fuel my body and I have a new feeling of being "satisfied."  Yes, I feel full after I eat.  No I am not eating so called rabbit food (had this comment made to me a time or two).  I am eating food that is full of the nutrients we need.  I eat natural sources of sugar, sodium, fat and I have cut out the bad processed foods.  I now also feel energized and happy with my choices.  Not to mention bloating is a thing of the past.  Most important to me is that I am happy with myself and the choices I make to continue building a strong foundation of healthy practices for my family's future! 

How can food become your friend too? 
The next time you go grocery shopping put these 20 items on your list:
Bell Peppers
Black Beans
Brussels Sprouts
Butternut Squash
Chicken Breast
Eggs (we really need to get our own chickens!)
Salmon (not a fan of fish, my hubby loves it though.  I think I just need to find the right recipe.  Any suggestions?)
Sweet Potatoes
Yogurt (greek is my favorite - more protein)
I have so many favorites on this list and I try to keep a stock of all these things in my kitchen! My plan and goal is to start posting about recipes I use and most include at least one of these 20 foods listed above. 
Want a snack...
                                  EAT THIS

                                          NOT THIS

Regardless of what or when you eat, we are all different and do things for different reasons. What is your motivation for making the right choices in your life?
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